The Top 15 Lies You’re Being Told About Health and Mainstream Medicine

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Author: Marco Torres

1. GMO can feed the world A lot of food that we eat today contains genetically modified ingredients and usually without our knowledge. Supporters of this technology maintain that it ensures and sustains food security around the world as the population increases. As well as scientific debates on the merits of genetically engineered...

Kids Lose Their Memory If They Drink Too Much Sugar

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Author: Samantha Olson

Sugary drinks may be doing far more harm than just causing tooth decay and weight gain; it may be damaging our brains. Researchers from the University of Southern California have found a disturbing connection between sugary drinks and memory and will present their research at the Annual Meeting of the Society...

End-Time Stories

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Author: Ida Lawrence

The Internet is full of articles and videos speculating that it’s the end for us. Here’s the essence of the latest one I read: the people pulling the strings of the US Government want war, they want to do a first-strike on Russia with nukes, they’re insane enough to think...

6 Ayurvedic Health Hacks

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Author: Lizette Borreli

Chances are most of us struggle to maintain a good balance in life when it comes to family, health, and work. We tend to prioritize one over the other, creating a rift that leaves us disheveled and unbalanced. While unhealthy lifestyles can lead to an array of problems like acidity,...