Near-Death Experiencers Shouldn’t Be Treated as Crazy

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Author: Tara MacIsaac

Erica McKenzie is a registered nurse who has not only seen many patients come back from the brink of death with reports of experiencing the other side, but who has also had her own profound near-death experience. McKenzie spent months in a psychiatric facility after telling a doctor about her...

Why Are There So Few Doctors in Rural America?

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Author: Olga Khazan

The airport in Bethel, Alaska, population 6,080, consists of one room with a concrete floor and a single baggage carousel. Rather than suitcases and duffles, though, it spins forth cardboard boxes scribbled with names and large plastic containers held together with duct-tape. I watched as one sturdy woman wrestled a Rubbermaid bin filled...

Simulation Theory and the Nature Of Reality

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Author: Midwest Real

“When the original founding fathers of quantum mechanics were doing these experiments they were really excited… making statements like- ‘if quantum mechanics doesn’t blow your mind, that’s because you don’t understand quantum mechanics.’ They realized this was a really big deal philosophically, (and) scientifically… Then they tried to come up with...

Scientists Have Found an Algorithm That Could Turn Us All Into Sheeple. Could?

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Author: io9

" Very interesting mechanics  - but isn't that what they use already?- SD" By studying the behavior of sheep dogs, scientists have come close to unraveling a mystery that stretches back millennia. How do these dogs get their sheep to go in one direction? The surprisingly complex answer could affect the...