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Nuclear One-Two Punch Could Knock Out Dangerous Asteroid

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Author: Mike Wall / Video

Destroying a dangerous asteroid with a nuclear bomb is a well-worn trope of science fiction, but it could become reality soon enough. Scientists are developing a mission concept that would blow apart an Earth-threatening asteroid with a nuclear explosion, just like Bruce Willis and his oilmen-turned-astronaut crew did in the 1998...

All Expenses Paid: The Full Scale of MPs’ Lavish Globetrotting

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Author: Oliver Wright

Backbench MPs have gone on more than £1.5m of trips with all expenses paid by foreign governments, pressure groups and companies in little over two years, The Independent can reveal. Several MPs have spent months out of the country on foreign trips, sometimes while Parliament is sitting, while many of those funding...

Why a Military Coup is Impossible in Russia

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Author: Alexandra Odynova

Two senior officers are currently on trial in Russia for attempting to organise coups, but few believe a military-led uprising could succeed in the country in the foreseeable future. "There are no grounds for any such nonsense as a military coup in Russia," said Igor Korotchenko, military expert and editor...