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Alchemy Radio 018 – James Robert Wright – The Struggle With Freemasonry

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Author: Alchemy Radio

James Robert Wright resides in Dallas, Texas and has held many positions and decorations in his Masonic Lodges and Scottish Rite, in keeping with preferred family tradition. His ancestral roots can be traced back to the Wiseman clan of Scotland and later Britain, of which many of the males were...

Colorado’s New Growth Industry: Pot

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Author: Joe Mozingo

Two hedge-fund partners — monogrammed shirts, taut Windsor knots, cuff links — step into a hipster cafe called Sputnik on an unorthodox mission. They are meeting a business consultant to discuss a way to boost share prices at one of their portfolio companies, which sells indoor garden kits for tomatoes,...

Anonymous Hacks US Government Agency Website After Aaron Swartz Suicide

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Author: James Legge

Internet hackers yesterday took over the US Sentencing Commission's website, in anger over the death of cyber-legend and internet freedom advocate Aaron Swartz. Anonymous, a web of loosely connected "hacktivists" which rails against controls on internet freedom, appears to be responsible. The commission's website home page was replaced with a...

U.K Addiction Soars as Online Gambling Hits £2bn Mark

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Author: Paul Gallagher

A huge increase in gambling addicts will make Britain's obsession with online betting a £2bn business. New evidence reveals that the number of people in danger of becoming problem gamblers has reached nearly a million, while hardcore addicts have doubled in six years to almost 500,000. MPs are considering legislation...

3 Reasons N. Korea Can’t Nuke the U.S. (Yet)

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Author: Jesse Emspak

Thursday, North Korea stated explicitly that in addition to planning a third nuclear test, it would also be "targeting" the United States with its nuclear program. But although the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has rockets and an active nuclear program, threats of a nuclear attack may be bluster, according...

‘Obamacare’ To Hit Smokers With Huge Penalties

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Author: RT

Smokers, beware: tobacco penalties under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act could subject millions of smokers to fees costing thousands of dollars, making healthcare more expensive for them than Americans with other unhealthy habits. The Affordable Care Act, which critics have also called “Obamacare”, could subject smokers to premiums that are...