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Queensland’s Flood Crisis Deepens

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Author: Sarah Elks / Video

Queensland was today in the grip of another extraordinary flood crisis, with three people dead, helicopters rescuing residents from roofs, and cities and towns facing inundation. Dramatic rescues were underway in Bundaberg, where the city's worst flood on record left dozens of people trapped on rooftops. Authorities later ordered people...

Israel Warns of Possible Pre-Emptive Chemical Weapons Strike in Syria

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Author: CBS

Israel could launch a pre-emptive strike to stop Syria's chemical weapons from reaching Lebanon's Hezbollah or al Qaeda inspired groups, officials said Sunday. The warning came as the military moved a rocket defense system to a main northern city, and Israel's premier warned of dangers from both Syria and Iran....

The Lightning-Filled Rocket Dust Storms of Mars

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Author: Adam Mann

Scientists have modeled the internal workings of lightning-filled “rocket dust storms” on Mars that rise at speeds 100 times faster than ordinary storms and inject dust high into the Martian atmosphere. The Red Planet is a very dry and dusty place, with global storms that sometimes obscure the entire surface....

Ferocious Storm Set to Explode in North Atlantic

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Author: Andrew Freedman

Some of the most powerful storms on earth form in the North Atlantic Ocean during wintertime, spelling peril for sailors unfortunate enough to encounter them. For the past few days, the meteorologists at the Ocean Prediction Center (OPC) in College Park, Md., whose job it is to warn vessels of weather hazards,...

Autistic Girl Spent Ten Hours In a Cell – Police Thought She Was Drunk

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Author: Liz Hull

A teenage girl with autism was arrested and hauled before the courts because police mistakenly assumed she was drunk. Despite being completely sober, 17-year-old Melissa Jones spent ten hours in a police cell, was finger-printed and had her DNA taken. She was charged with being drunk and disorderly, forced to...