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A Single Intelligence Network for a New World Order

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Author: Wayne Madsen

While budgets are being slashed by governments around the world, national intelligence agencies are not only flush with money but they are increasingly networking their resources against the «threat». What is the threat? It is whatever national leaders and their governments deem it to be. One day it is «Al...

Will Deep-Sea Mining Yield an Underwater Gold Rush?

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Author: Meghan Miner

A mile beneath the ocean's waves waits a buried cache beyond any treasure hunter's wildest dreams: gold, copper, zinc, and other valuable minerals. Scientists have known about the bounty for decades, but only recently has rising demand for such commodities sparked interest in actually surfacing it. The treasure doesn't lie...

Greece’s ‘Nazis’ Are on the Rise and Now They’re Going into Schools

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Author: Nathalia Savaricas

On a recent Thursday night, seven teenage boys in the central Greek city of Larissa decided to have what they described as “fun”. Armed with rocks and wooden batons, the group of 15-year-olds attacked the shop of a Pakistani resident. His son was treated for head injuries. Attacks by children...