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From Hollywood to Kansas – Drones Are Flying Under The Radar

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Author: Chris Francescani

They hover over Hollywood film sets and professional sports events. They track wildfires in Colorado, survey Kansas farm crops and vineyards in California. They inspect miles of industrial pipeline and monitor wildlife, river temperatures and volcanic activity. They also locate marijuana fields, reconstruct crime scenes and spot illegal immigrants breaching...

43,000 Strip Searches Carried Out on Children as Young as 12

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Author: Eric Allison

Youth offender institution
A promise to end routine strip-searching of children in custody is being flouted, according to data revealing there were more than 43,000 recorded incidences involving children as young as 12 over a 21-month period – but in only 275 searches were illicit items found. Contraband was discovered in eight of every 1,000...

What Does the Unbelievably Bad Air Quality in Beijing Do to the Human Body?

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Author: Joseph Stromberg

Beijing’s terrible air quality is currently in the news, and for good reason: The level of pollution present in the air there is unprecedented for a heavily populated area, and several times worse than what any U.S. resident has likely ever experienced. The New York Times recently reported on the air quality problems...

U.S.-NATO Missile System: First-Strike Potential Aimed At Russia

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Author: Vladimir Kozin

U.S. operational missile defense systems to be deployed in Romania and Poland in 2015 and 2018, respectively, are not designed to intercept potential ballistic missiles launched by Iran… The only purpose of the U.S. missile defense equipment deployed in Europe is to destroy Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles. Russia would also...

Apple Deletes iCloud E-mails With Naughty Phrases

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Author: Jared Newman

If you use Apple’s iCloud service for e-mail, you might want to watch what you say. According to several reports, Apple is silently filtering and deleting e-mails that contain certain phrases. The issue first came to light last November, when Infoworld reported that Apple had deleted one user’s e-mails with the phrase...

Who Built the Moon?

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Quickly becoming a best seller, The Hiram Keywas acclaimed a classic in the field of alternative history, going on to influence a generation of researchers among them The Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown. In the last ten years Knight has written six books, four with Robert Lomas and two, including his latest Who...