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The Monster Under Our Bed

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Author: Chautauqua

I sit back, thinking maybe if I distance myself enough perhaps the bigger picture will reveal itself to me; but alas, even that does not help me understand the seemingly planet wide denial regarding Fukushima. Here we are approaching the two year anniversary of that continuously erupting nuclear volcano in...

Are the Glory Days of American Physics Over?

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Author: Dennis Overbye

On a Sunday morning early in January, about two dozen prominent physicists gathered behind closed doors at the California Institute of Technology to ponder the state of their craft. American physicists were not exactly sitting on the sidelines last July when CERN announced the probable discovery of the long-sought Higgs boson,...

Egypt Considering Making Pyramids And Sphinx Available For Rent

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Author: Al Arabiya

Egypt’s finance ministry sent a proposal to the country’s antiquities ministry to consider offering key monuments, including the pyramids, to international tourism firm as a quick solution to generate funds needed to overcome the financial crisis, an official has said. Rumors about the proposal, which some described as preposterous, have...

Cambodia: How the Dead Live

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Author: Nicholas Shakespeare

For those curious to observe a demigod in the flesh, the body of Norodom Sihanouk lay on display in Phnom Penh until 4 February, when it was cremated. The outpouring of grief at the passing of Cambodia’s “King Father”, who ruled the country after its independence from France in 1953,...

What Causes Sinkholes?

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Author: Jon Henley / Video

Jeremy Bush, Seffner, Florida
Last week, in a quiet residential suburb east of Tampa, Florida, the Earth opened up and swallowed a man. Jeff Bush, 37, was tucked up in bed late on Thursday evening when his entire bedroom floor simply gave way with a deafening crash that his brother, in the room next door, later described as...

43,381 Viruses Found in Sewage, Many Unknown to Scientists

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Author: Anthony Gucciardi

Sewage samples obtained by scientists in Pittsburgh, Barcelona and Addis Ababa were found to contain 43,381 viruses — of which only 3,000 are currently charted by mainstream scientists. Among the viruses found in the sewage samples were the human papilloma virus (HPV), the diarrhea-causing Norwalk virus, and the common cold virus. There...

Oracles, Bones And Stones – Shamanic Divination

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Author: Beth Beurkens

Have you ever stared at the sky when it was scattered with clouds, searching for an answer to an important question? Or perhaps you’ve sought counsel in Tarot cards, the Chinese I Ching or the Celtic Runes. These are forms of oracular guidance and problem-solving known as divination. The many forms of divination seek...