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Congressmen Think Legal Weed Could Shrink The Federal Deficit

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Author: Olivier Knox

What if the United States could shrink the federal deficit and get high at the same time? Two congressmen calling for the legalization of recreational marijuana say it's not such a trippy idea. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) say marijuana legalization is a common sense fiscal...

Europe’s Hypocritical History of Cannibalism

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Author: Sarah Everts

In 2001, a lonely computer technician living in the countryside in Northern Germany advertised online for a well-built man willing to participate in a mutually satisfying sexual act. Armin Meiwes’ notice was similar to many others on the Internet except for a rather important detail: The requested man must be...

Is SETI Science?

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Author: Steven Novella

I recently receive the following e-mail question: Got a question for you: do you consider the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence to be science or pseudoscience? I recently got into an online debate and found myself in the minority because I maintained that the central thesis — that if intelligent life...

Bees Self-Medicate With Honey To Beat Pesticides

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Author: Tia Ghose

Honey contains chemicals that could help bees ward off parasites and protect them from pesticide damage, new research suggests. The findings, published today (April 29) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggest that the immune-boosting chemicals in honey could be a solution to colony-collapse disorder, which has...

Secret Deals Let Companies Avoid Billions in Tax

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Author: Rajeev Syal

The scale of the government's "sweetheart" tax deals – individual secret agreements drawn up between tax officials and corporations to settle disputes – can be revealed for the first time after previously unseen documents showed that just four settlements were worth £4.5bn between them. A leaked document sent by Dave...

Kale: A Green Nutritional Powerhouse Everyone Should Eat

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Author: Elizabeth Renter

A delectable green nutritional powerhouse, kale is one of many superfoods that is a must-have in any kitchen. Like other superfoods like blueberries and green tea, kale provides a wealth of nutritional benefits from cancer prevention to anti-inflammation. But what else can kale do for you? Some of Kale’s Many...

WHO Says The H7N9 Bird Flu Is One Of The Most Lethal Viruses They’ve Seen

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Author: Jennifer Welsh

The World Health Organization's (WHO) influenza expert, Keiji Fukuda, said bird flu H7N9 is "one of the most lethal influenza viruses we have seen" and called the virus "unusually dangerous." Last week Fukuda said: "Anything can happen. We just don't know." The virus is about nine times as deadly as the Spanish Flu of 1918,...

Historic Vote to Ban Neonicotinoid Pesticides Blamed for Huge Decline in Bees

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Author: Jonathan Browne

A landmark step in the campaign to ban a nerve-agent pesticide blamed for causing mass die-offs in bees could be reached on Monday following one of the most intensive environmental lobbying battles of recent years. Months of furious argument which has pitched green groups, the chemical industry, farmers, scientists and...

Rip-Off Prices For Cancer Drugs

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Author: Jeremy Laurance

An influential group of cancer experts has warned that the high prices charged by pharmaceutical companies for cancer drugs are effectively condemning patients to death. The group of more than 100 leading cancer physicians from around the world, including nine from the UK, accuse the drug industry of “profiteering” –...

Smile, Work and Die

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Author: Alexander Reed Kelly

The 300-plus people killed in the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh this week were not lost to an accident, but are among the many unnecessary victims of predatory, globalized capitalism, argues Vijay Prashad, a professor of South Asian history and the director of international studies at Trinity College...

Indigenous Rights Are the Best Defence Against Canada’s Resource Rush

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Author: Martin Lukacs

In a boardroom in a soaring high-rise on Wall Street, Indigenous activist Arthur Manuel is sitting across from one of the most powerful financial agents in North America. It's 2004, and Manuel is on a typical mission. Part of a line of distinguished Indigenous leaders from western Canada, Manuel is...