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Transgenics: A New Wave of GMOs Is Coming to Market

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Author: Daniel Cressey

When the first genetically modified (GM) organisms were being developed for the farm, says Anastasia Bodnar, “we were promised rocket jet packs” — futuristic, ultra-nutritious crops that would bring exotic produce to the supermarket and help to feed a hungry world. Yet so far, she says, the technology has bestowed...

How Big Pharma Recycles Old Drugs—Even Bad Ones

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Author: Martha Rosenberg

The blockbuster pill profit party is over for Big Pharma. Bestselling pills like Lipitor, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Singular and Concerta have gone off patent with nothing new in the product pipeline. But Pharma isn’t going to deliver disappointing earnings to Wall Street just because it has few new drugs coming online...