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My Big Fat European Family: What Genomics Tell Us About Shared Ancestors

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Author: Marina Koren

Thousands of Dutch fans celebrate a soccer match between Netherlands and Germany in the Ukranian city of Kharkiv in 2012. The fans and their German counterparts likely share hundreds of genetic ancestors from the past thousand years. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Aleksandr Osipov Last month, a trio of engineers debuted an...

Brazilian ‘Atlantis’ Found

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Author: Donna Bowater

The legend of Atlantis, a sunken island thought to have once lay between Africa and South America, has been the subject of literary myths for centuries. But geologists in Brazil have now added their claims to speculation over the precise location of the mysterious land mass, mentioned first by Plato in around...

Wildlife Forced Out of California ‘Salad Bowl’ by Food Safety Regulations

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Author: Emma Bryce

In California's 'salad bowl' – a landscape portioned into emerald fields of spinach, lettuce, kale, and other leafy vegetables, grown to satiate the nation's appetite for greens – hush-hush food safety standards are deforesting land and forcing wildlife out. These practices are unnecessary for ensuring safe food, say experts in...

Random, Double-Blind Study Affirms Ginger’s Cancer-Fighting Benefits

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Author: Elizabeth Renter

In the scientific world, nothing is truly fact until it has undergone significant testing with rigorous standards. Try and tell a scientist that results in rats are “good enough” and you’ll be laughed at. Really, randomized, double-blind placebo studies are considered solid. They are done on humans and done in...