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Avoid 100 Dangerous Food Additives Causing ADHD, Asthma and Cancer

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Author: Marco Torres

Food industry additives and colors are one major cause of ADHD, asthma and cancer creating a toxic environment for our children’s health. Even medicines for babies and young children frequently contain these additives banned from foods and drinks and targeted at children under three years of age. Artificial flavors and...

The Souls of Animals

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Author: Stuart Wilde

I have always believed humans have an eternal soul but I wasn’t sure if animals were the same. Then in 2001, myself and others, started to see the Morph, a transdimensional phenomena that pervades a room with swirls, vortexes and striations that look like dry rain. Through the Morph I...

Is Mental Illness Over-Diagnosed?

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Author: Matthew Mientka

Prominent forces are criticizing the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, the newly revised cannon of the mental health community, to be released Wednesday. Dr. Thomas R. Insel, director of the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health, the federal government's leading agency on mental illness research...

One UK Nurse For 250,000 Patients

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Author: Sophie Borland

- Care provider Harmoni uses nurse practitioners to work eight-hour overnight shifts when they cannot recruit GPs to do the shifts. - Whistleblower, who works for Harmoni, claims situation is like a 'loaded gun'. - Said locum doctors fly from Europe to work back-to-back shifts. - Claimed terminally-ill cancer patient...

7 Dangerous Food Practices Banned in Europe but Just Fine in America

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Last week, the European Commission voted to place a  two-year moratorium on most uses of neonicotinoid pesticides, on the suspicion that they're contributing to the global crisis in honeybee health. Since then, several people have asked me whether Europe's move might inspire the US Environmental Protection Agency to make a similar...