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How Did Mustard Gas End Up in Northeast Clams?

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Author: Para Sight

The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report put out by the Centers for Disease Control makes for fascinating reading sometimes. One came out recently that contains three startling case reports linked to clam beds on the US east coast, but they do not involve, as you might expect, infectious diseases.  In the first case...

‘Cyber’ Attacks On Your Heart? Scientists Test The E-Security Of Pacemakers

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Author: Nsikan Akpan / Video

Most people worry about someone hacking their Facebook accounts or personal computers, but what if a cyber criminal could strike at our very hearts...or more specifically, heart pacemakers? While this sounds more like science fiction or a plot from the TV show Homeland, a team of engineers has caught a security...

Why the Endangered Species Act Is Broken, and How to Fix It

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Author: Matt Kettmann

While a college student in the early 1990s at Northwestern, Peter Alagona became fascinated with the red-hot controversies swirling endangered species, from the California condor and desert tortoise to the northern spotted owl and black-footed ferret. As environmentalists and animal lovers pushed to do whatever it took to save them,...

U.S. Bipolar Rates Soar Despite Heavy Use of Psychiatric Drugs

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Author: Carolanne Wright

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America has one of the highest rates of bipolar disease in the world with a staggering 5.7 million adults diagnosed. Characterized by periods of bone crushing depression swinging to cycles of mania, the disorder can destroy families and finances while shortening lifespan due to high suicide rates. Yet the disease...

Cannabis Linked to Prevention of Diabetes

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Author: Jeremy Laurance

Smoking cannabis may prevent the development of diabetes, one of the most rapidly rising chronic disorders in the world. If the link is proved, it could lead to the development of treatments based on the active ingredient of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), without its intoxicating effects. Researchers have found that regular...