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Beautiful “Flowers” Self-Assemble in a Beaker

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Author: Caroline Perry

With the hand of nature trained on a beaker of chemical fluid, the most delicate flower structures have been formed in a Harvard laboratory—and not at the scale of inches, but microns. These minuscule sculptures, curved and delicate, don't resemble the cubic or jagged forms normally associated with crystals, though...

Preserving Mayan Civilization, Nurturing Current Community

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Author: Jasper Fakkert

Efforts to preserve the 51 Mayan cities in Cuenca Mirador, northern Guatemala, are also providing training in forest stewardship and other life skills for locals. When Richard Hansen arrived at the site in northern Guatemala in 1978 to establish the Mirador Basin Project, the area was much troubled. Since the...

Waking From Sleep: The Causes of Higher States of Consciousness

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Author: Steve Taylor

Higher states of consciousness (HSCs) – or awakening experiences, as I prefer to call them – are moments of revelation, when we perceive reality at a heightened intensity. The world around us comes to life, and is filled with an atmosphere of harmony and meaning. A spirit-force seems to pervade...

Meditators Radiate Peacefulness from New York City

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Author: Genevieve Belmaker

About 1,000 Falun Dafa meditators from all over the world gathered at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Friday, near the United Nations in New York, to kick off three days of activities, including a conference. Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a self-improvement practice involving gentle exercises, meditation, and the...

Pot of Gold – Entrepreneurs Gear Up for Colorado’s Green Rush

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Author: Jenny Kleeman

I'm being driven around Denver by America's first professional stoner. William Breathes is the marijuana critic for the award-winning local paper Westword. Every week for the past three years, his boss has been paying for his weed. "I don't really drink wine, so if this reference is a bit off, please forgive me, but if...

Man Spends 26 Years Traveling the World with a Giant Crucifix on His Shoulder

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Author: Sam Adams

A determined Christian evangelist has demonstrated his devotion to his faith by carrying a huge cross for thousands of miles across the globe for the past 26 years. Lindsay Hamon, 60, has trekked through 19 countries including India, New Zealand, Romania and Sri Lanka during his remarkable journey. And despite...