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Behind the Mortgage Settlements From the Housing Crisis

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Author: Danielle Douglas

Banks have paid less than half the $5.7 billion in cash owed to troubled homeowners under nearly 30 settlements brokered by the government since 2008, delaying help to the millions of victims of discrimination and shoddy lending that epitomized the housing crisis, according to a Washington Post analysis of government data....

Prepare For the Longest US Immigration Queues Ever

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Author: Simon Calder

Welcome to America: now stand in line for three hours. Millions of British holidaymakers and business travellers heading for the US this summer face longer waits than ever to be processed by immigration. Research by The Independent reveals that budget cuts at US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have sharply...

Fever Reducers Do Not Affect Children’s Recovery Time From Infection

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Author: Trevor Stokes

A review of past research finds that fever-reducing drugs have no effect on the speed of children's recovery from an infection, contrary to the fears of some doctors and parents. Researchers have debated for decades whether lowering a sick child's fever helps the recovery process or interferes with the body's...

Netanyahu Says Further Strikes on Syria a Possibility

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Author: Mark Weiss

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has made it clear that additional strikes on Syria are a distinct possibility, despite warnings from Damascus that such actions could spark a war. Mr Netanyahu told ministers yesterday that the Middle East was experiencing one of its most sensitive periods in decades and Israel was closely monitoring developments in Syria,...