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2016 – Top 10 Reads and Further On


I collected a list based on the Site statictics.

These are the 10 most read posts for 2016.

Trouble With the Pineal Gland?

The Hara Chakra Fault Line

King Ragnar & Concepts of Spiritual Warfare

The Angelic Realms (Series)

The Hidden Awakening Inside Religion

Contemplating El Greco, Movement I

Cats, Dogs and Astral Commotion

Sexuality – The Missing Coordinates

The Gap Called Despair

Intuition – Go In Sane

Further On:

In 2017 there will not be the same daily amount of headlines from various magazines.
I do everything here myself and I decided to focus my attention on original stuff and serving people who need my help.
I will still post interesting external stuff, but a little less.

People ask me for more writings, in 2016 I haven’t had the time, in 2017 I will make that time.

The ads are gone: I took that decision when google targeted ‘alternative news’ – under the cover of the Fake News agenda.
As an advertiser you get some revenue – google gets the most – so, let them suffer the consequences of that.

A lot of people ask me about my facebook.
I still have no Facebook and Social Media in general and I never will.
I will not endorse joining Facebook with their draconian surveillance on their customers.
I see no need to let facebook know who is visiting this site.

I thank you all dearly for your interest in what I have to offer.

Love, Soren