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2017: ‘Change’

The Winter Solstice sparked some very different vibes than usual.
New experiences for the soul, the character and the ego often come in stealth. This was almost a collected force of ‘new’ that hit the weary pilgrims in Morph City. Weary of the year of 2016, mostly being based on both mundane confusion and celestial confusion. It would be a fair statement to say the impact is like this:

It´s time to step out of doubt, time to step out of confusion and take a stand for our – Self and follow the voice within that will lead us out of any Status Quo. There often is a lot of Status Quo in our lives that we hold on to because by doing that, we hold on to our comfort zones. People struggle with different things; the classics are:

Clinging on to a romantic relationship – even after the embers in that former place of fire have gone out and only smoke is left.
Clinging to the place we live – even though it doesn’t suit us anymore. (On the same day well before Solstice four different friends I have known for years wrote me that they got evicted.)
Clinging on to a work that holds no value for us anymore, other than the paycheck. Which is reason enough in itself in this decade of manufactured poverty and lack of jobs. These three are pretty mundane.

So are these and that is the Shift that occurred:

Are we walking in spiritual worn out shoes?
Are we following blindly what somebody said years ago or do we need to challenge that and find our own way in this ‘mess’?

During the Solstice, I advised a client to take a specific compound. She answered: My Guru, who is dead, never pointed to that compound in general, so I can’t do that. I answered: Maybe your Guru didn’t point to water sports – does that mean that you can’t take a swim?
Obviously she´s not talking to me anymore.

Which boundaries have we set for ourselves, and are they holding us down, and did we examine them before we took them as ours, and really investigate that if they are good for somebody else they might not be that good for me?
Are we (still) floating around in a soup of doubt, if so, is it time to get ashore?

Not any of these sensations will outlive 2017, if we do not do something about them. Land Ho!

2017 will be a year well suited for changing the things we deep down know that we need to change, and to be gone with mundane or spiritual bypasses and ‘over jump’ reactions, confusing them with ‘spiritual self-defense’.

It´s time to be challenged in every which way thinkable.

The celestial works this way and it is actually the genuine core of the law of attraction:
If we are doubtful and confused, the Universe (as many call it by default) will throw in some more to the mix of confusion or doubt, since the Universe supports what we seem to like. It simply ‘thinks’ – Cool, she likes doubt – we´ll provide some more.

If we get up from our spiritual philosophical couch and start walking, even if we do not have one glimmer as to where we are heading, the Universe will support that movement and soon we will see where we are headed because we start to invite Synchronicity. If we stand still, it wont come. Because Synchronicity is all about movement. It just doesn’t cuddle up in the furniture.

The Law of Attraction has never been complicated. That’s why it doesn’t work for very complicated people who think everything about them is complicated, so that must also be. That is one fatal mistake.

It’s an understandable mistake, since self-development or genuine spirituality often inflates every realm of our lives. It goes into our physical, emotional and intellectual life, penetrates it, and a spiritualization of our entire being has begun: So many new sensations, so many new internal connections to make, so many neural paths in the mind and heart to build.

All of this takes a heavy toll on our nervous systems and we do not only have one.
We have four: The physical, the emotional, the intellectual and last: The Spiritual where all differences become One. Differences as to the tension between the Emotional and the Physical: Exactly what’s in the core of this changed vibe. Differences between the intellectual and the emotional (the surrender) and what have we.

Often self-development becomes very selfish and me, me, me. That’s part of the journey – but obviously not the destination. (Hence: Consciously Selfish). But before we can lay down and actually slay down the self-obsessed fragrance of self-development, we have to have a sense, a very clear sense of our Selves. And when you have gone that far dear fellow traveler – maybe do not give it away to a do and don’t guru, now all high in the sky.

The art of both good and bad decision-making has to be challenged in 2017.
People walk this Earth as if they were not permitted to set a foot wrong, in any matter. That’s a spiritual prison. There is no eye in the sky holding us into account and keeping a score on us.
The only one that is keeping score is: You.
Snap out of it. This is Learning by doing, and the wrong setting of the foot, if there is such a concept at all, just shows us where not to set it again. That’s all. Learning by doing. Trial and error. Celestial Concepts. The rest of that ‘I am not allowed hype’ is a mundane projection and is the ever-present shadow side of Big Religion.

Do not in 2017, take the prison of boxed in thinking.

When we were born into this world, yes we were born into a Matrix that surrounded us 360 degrees. Physical, race, the servitude, and for the longing of the soul: The bloody Pope and the Mullahs – Dark men putting veils over our eyes, while politicians are getting obscene on young blood.

The Spiritual segment, mostly New Age, functions that way:  If you do not agree on this we are enemies and I can’t contain your energy. Well… maybe you should, but if you don’t like that energy, maybe don’t take it personally.

As an example, the other day I posted: The Atheist Paradox. I got 32 emails doubting my spirituality. Well, I try not to judge my spirituality; I try to enhance it. If it is so, that such a post can put you in such turmoil, well….

What I am doing is to show how other people think and they do not have to agree with me, they have to be interesting enough to spark curiosity, then I am good – since their arguments can either support our way of thinking or challenge it into a stronger hold or create a new path for us that is really what we need to be open to the coming year. If we can’t stand up contradicted, well, we have built our house on spiritual sand and if we only listen to arguments that support our way of thinking – we will not ever get smarter.

If you don’t like this, 2017 will not be your year and you will stand, by the end of the year, where you stand now – afraid and fearful of what the future brings.

No more going through this life in a cultish way, but going through it protecting some hard core spiritual truths – seems to be the way forward. As in: The inner truths and inner certainty. That should and will be put to the test and we will survive with it. But, we also know where it is that we stand weak, not well founded, and that would usually be, if we have taken on somebody else’s truth and made it our own: WITHOUT, the agony and the joy those experiences had in them that led to that truth.
Spirituality has never been about the goal – it has always been about the process (experience)!

And what are people saying in that same breath:

It is all an experience! (Well, apparently not.)
We are here learning! (Yes, but some things we won’t learn or what?)
We are all One. (Yes, but why do we not like that kind of people over there, then.)

Spiritual Truth is not in any way singular. It is multifaceted. And so are we.

Time has come to accept that, if we wish to do so. I must point to the importance of maybe just surrendering to it and thereby dissolving that Ego so many claim they got rid of already.

Where to find that need for a change of what has been us and is not anymore?

In the Inner Dialogue – since, that is where it both shows and hides.

Is your inner dialogue supporting you?
Is it telling you that you should do things differently?
Is it telling you to choose among the things mentioned in the beginning?

Too much torment in the inner dialogue – the conversation we have every day, or every second of the day as some do, asking us to change things but we keep pressing it down. As you may have noticed, that isn’t possible. It will pop out the next day and the next day and soon morph itself into stigmata. Stigmatized by fear of acting upon it.

Let’s say that our inner dialogue is an emotional one. If we keep stomping it down, we will soon have to reach out for something that can help us hold it down. And that in itself is an illusion, since it will just go stealth and emerge again when whatever we use has lost its attraction and we find ourselves in need of more: Alcohol, Big Pharma anxious and depression ‘magic’, marijuana, ayahuasca, ecstasy and what have we. Won’t work. Won’t magically remove the longing for living a life fully: Physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

Remember that: In the hour of transcendence they will all merge. It is called the Alchemistic Wedding, Enlightenment, Religious Revelation – it has many names.

It can’t do that being drugged up. It can provide you with states of mind that appear like it, but they were drug fueled, not sober. The spiritual quantum leaps, and we all experience some of them that really are life altering, is that the soul starts acting like its drugged up. It isn’t.

It just found its way home and is now very happy about that providing you with all the ecstasy you will need for a lifetime.

Every time we fall into weary: We are not in alignment with our Dharma. But we also need to fall into a depression-like state of mind, which many did in 2016, in order to say: I have dealt with weary, reached critical mass, and now I know what to do in order to make myself happy – and when I am happy the people around me are happy – because I have become a positive force in their life now.

That will spread like the rings of water will spread when you throw yourself into the collective consciousness.

The ticking of the clock also tells us that we know, via experience, how beyond that point are new seas of weary to sail. But our skill as a sailor being promoted to Captain of HMS Self-realization, will steer us beyond doubt, beyond lack of courage, only needing one thing: One single good wind on the sails: And that is the courage of taking on decisions, longings, and acting upon them.

We will have been tormented enough, either by ourselves or some external source that got to us in the void we were in then. ‘Then’ – has never gotten near the ‘Now’ so many people claim to be living in. Time to close that gap. Time to change. When we read our inner dialogue we will know the direction. Maybe not the destination. But, nobody really knows the destination, do they?

The destination will reveal itself when we arrive at it. It will grant us a rest. Then once again, our eyes, somehow clearer than ever, will stray to a new horizon.

Wanting it, wanting it, wanting it. As it should be.

In order to receive it – we have to be very decisive. No time for doubt when a good thing knocks on the door.

Maybe just say: See Me Change.

Thank You


© 2017 Soren Dreier

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