6 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Getting The Flu Vaccination

Once again, for those of us living in the Northern hemisphere the colder weather, shorter daylight hours have arrived. And here we go again. Out comes the mass media hype and fear mongering with all those propaganda ploys on a largely unsuspecting public persuading us to get vaccinated against the flu.

I have been drumming on for some years now about this. The only thing that can be said about these toxic vaccinations is they are great for lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. So, here are my reasons why I won’t be getting the flu vaccination.

1. The vaccine can cause harm

I could allow myself to get quite angry when I hear such blanket statements like ‘everyone should be vaccinated against the flu…’ purporting flu prevention like those vaccinators set up in supermarket stalls waiting for you or your children to roll up your sleeves for the shot. Then there are doctors who get paid bonuses for reaching target figures for mass vaccinations…

There are numerous cases of flu vaccine damage (1). Many can be accessed online showing peer-reviewed research data. Examples include: Neurological damage, behavioural disorders such as ADHD, foetal deaths, autoimmune disorders, narcolepsy and flu (yes, the vaccine can cause flu! as shown for instance in a Canadian study (2)).

2. ‘Big Medicine’ is protected legally

By the way, did you know that a law was passed “The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act” enacted in the USA granting big medicine impunity from being sued for child vaccine damage by parents?  This law kicks in regardless of whether or not the FDA or CDC approved a tested or untested vaccine that caused harm.

3. Toxic ingredients

The flu vaccine hosts a whole cocktail of toxic ingredients. This includes mercury in the form of thimerosal used as a preservative. Some of the evidence for vaccine damage linked to thimerosal has been hidden but the evidence is there to show that it can cause body and immune system damage (3).

Other noxious substances may include viruses (alive or dead), foetal tissue and toxic stabilizers or preservatives besides thimerosal…  making the vaccinated more susceptible to disease.

Do you really want to play Russian roulette with your health by getting vaccinated with the flu shot? Or do you want to give consent to having your children vaccinated and endanger their health?

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