A Mystic On A Need To Know Basis

I get a lot of reactions when I post about the Morph.

The ability to go into the Morph isn’t elitist in any way. The Morph or the Aluna, as Stuart would call it, is there within reach and I’m quite happy to be able to guide people to it.

I don’t distinguish between the Morph and the Aluna.
Some would make that distinction, I won’t. I’m not a big fan of making things complicated because when we perceive things to be complicated, it will often be on the account of the fact that we don’t understand them or somebody trademarks them for monetary reasons.

If you think of the Morph as complicated or divided, it will close its doors on you. But the good news even to that is: It is still there and every day you might plug into it, unknowingly.

Although I would recommend: Just know it’s there, don’t go elitist on it and don’t see it necessarily as something you can’t achieve. You can, it’s there and you go there every day, unknowingly or consciously.

I don’t read about the Morph. Since it is not an intellectual affair, it’s an emotional affair and feelings are the key to it. But speaking of the Morph I have to mention Stuart as a Morph pioneer, since he in some ways, road mapped the Morph. He deserves a lot of credit for that, and time will grant him that credit.

I don’t really know anybody on this planet with the knowledge of the Morph that Stuart had.  Some uses his roadmap as a spin off, but I don’t see it as genuine.

When I engaged in discussing the Morph with Stuart, which we did in mails back and forth, he was extremely open to my concept of the Morph and the Aluna. And I was of course extremely open to his concept of it, since I have never been schooled at it in any way.

I have it so that I like learning by doing and I often avoid studying a subject, since I would like my experiences to be as authentic to me as possible and not being colored or distorted by others take on the matter.

The more we approached each other on the matter, I had to give in to his knowledge, and I could only do that because I really trusted him combined with his openness to explore what I had been going about, in figuring the Morph out.

If you in anyway have in your mind that I’m comparing myself to my friend here, you are taking the wrong turn with my intention with this.

I am stating that I met an explorer who travelled the continent further and had seen things unknown and known to me: that is liberating. Shared experiences.

You must know this sensation: When something you have sensed or conquered by yourself is shared by others and taken further, it can send shivers down your spine, because, for a moment there, you are granted: Truth, Metaphysical truth. That is by any standards awesome, because it’s a very subjective field of knowledge and it’s very private and it is not something you speak of necessarily.

‘Be A Mystic On A Need To Know Basis’… is a metaphysical concept of not wasting your energy by talking and talking, since the experiences one would have with the Morph, the Celestial, in your love life and so on: When you go silent you build the energy up on the inside and that will fuel the next conquering in whatever field you are presently conquering.

If you have high impact metaphysical insight, try keeping it to yourself for a while and maybe not alert the media, that is one way of providing for your progress.

When the beauty or the horror of it has lost its momentum, go public, because people might want to know.

That would be an attitude that could provide the fuel for the pilgrims of the Aluna. It works for me.

There are other means of transportation into the Morph or the Aluna.  I don’t have any opinion on that, except I like things au natural. So I will not touch upon that reality.

I would rather go to the first steps in conquering the Morph.

The first step being:

Be silent, as mentioned.

Second: Open the mind to the idea of the Morph, since doubt will get you nowhere in this subjective reality.
Saying that, I also need to say this: If you might think you touched the Morph but have doubts about it: You are on your way! That is very important, since the Morph functions that way in the beginning, later it will reveal itself as a reality similar to the experiences we have in our daily lives, which also is very subjective.

On a metaphysical note: Reality is not reality, really. It’s all a dream somehow. Vast territories in ordinary daily life experiences are a shared collective field of ideas others are of course extremely private from individual to individual. But still: Fields of consciousness expressed and experienced.

Same goes with The Morph / The Aluna.

Third: When your mind drifts off when you are going about your day, you actually pre morph.

Like:  “I don’t know where my mind went there, but happy I´m back”.

Have you ever driven your car from point A to point B and thought: How did I get here? I really don’t remember the trip in detail.

That’s pre-Morphing.

What happens is that the driving can be handled by routine so to speak; we don’t have to be alert or vigilant for 200 miles, say. But we know if something unusual happens during the trip, we will be vigilant in an instant. Old lady on the road, a deer jumps out and we hit the brakes.

The more you Morph consciously the more you will get this. It can be a bit scary in the beginning, but eventually we will learn to trust our awareness if something should occur outside the routine.

It can be similar to day-dreaming, but it’s not the same actually, mind just goes empty and enters the Morph.

Four: In dreams sometimes we touch.

As mentioned in The Azure Isles Of The Aluna, I really don’t think the soul is always present when we sleep, but: there is a but.

If we can go lucid dreaming the soul is present. If we just go stone cold dead on sleep, without dreaming, it’s probably not present. It is elsewhere, busy with something. If you wake up and feeling ‘hit by a bus’ – maybe you have been in the Morph.

Dreaming being the closest thing there is to consciously entering the Morph. So I would like to say:

Dreaming: You are approaching the Morph, sort of one foot in it.

Lucid dreaming: You are pre-morphing

It’s like a ladder, four basic steps and the Morph will unfold.

I stress: The Morph is subjective, and this is one way of preparing for the Morph.

Metaphysically I say again: Most people are in the Morph anyway since I often see them there, and when I tell them they go: Really, me?

Yes you. We live there, some unconsciously, some very consciously.

I’ve Morphed since I was a child. Somehow I had/have the ability to go in and out. I didn’t understand it and I didn’t like it at all and as an adult it has given me many: “Feeling lost in this world” – state of mind.

I didn’t feel special, I felt lost. Today I feel like a traveler.

After the age of around 25 I understood what was going on.

The Morph can be very confusing and the mind is seduced by the freedom in the Morph versus going about in the Matrix of so called ordinary life.

Maybe you know all this from your own reality or similar. If so: The Morph is calling, and wants you to enter.

Or is it you – calling the Morph?

The Morph/Aluna is an inside/outside reality and when we transcend that matrix of inside-outside the doors will swing right open.

© 2016 Soren Dreier

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