A Quest Worth Choosing

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Author: Ida Lawrence


It’s a delicate time after a barrier-breaker and a force for good has left the earth. What will fill the void? We quietly set up our antennae and send our perception out… then back we come to ourselves, trusting. It feels okay… things will be revealed.

I yearn for the feeling of the sacred and the holy. When Stuart Wilde gave us the image of the Knight and the words, “sacred, sacred, holy, holy, here now” I sure could dig it. It’s the most beautiful feeling, and I have been there in moments past. Returning to the memory of the feeling can bring alignment.

Being in a state of alignment with the sacred energy: this is prayer. This is all prayer ever is… alignment.

All is quiet while regrouping. Today I’m thinking about the gained ground, walls taken down, gates opened, old rules broken, minds and spirits lifted out of darkness. I’m thinking about people who inspire courage and virtue, who take you beyond what you currently know, who teach you things you yearn for; people who heal, who defend you in your newborn state and help you grow. These people pay a price for what they do.

Looking back at the ones who helped me through barriers, I see their love for us and their dedication to service. And I know they went through, and go through, pain. Is our gratitude a balm? If not for them and their willingness to endure, where would we direct our energy now?

Yes, we are directing our energy out of the control system as we see the system’s tools – the conditioning and the programming. It holds people psychologically, spiritually and physically captive. But do we know the depth to which captivity can go? There are those who do.

How do you think the light arrived that sparked the black movements for liberation? First a man, and then several men, changed the consciousness with a new code. And it spread. “My black skin is actually beautiful… the original humans on the earth were black. I don’t have to step off the sidewalk, and bow, and shuffle at the will of people who demean me. My blackness is from ancient lineage. Our fathers created many great civilizations. There is no need to wish for the acceptance of people who reject me… I Am… accepted by myself.”

If beautiful is what you are, and you have been taken from that place, align yourself back to it. Separate and align to the true you. Choose it and the chains on the mind start to fall off.

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