Alone: It’s The Last Thing We Are

I read somewhere: ‘we are born into this world alone and we die alone’.
Seen from the ego’s 3-D perspective that statement could make some sense, but on all other levels it is a limited perception of what really goes on with us. There is a huge difference between being alone and feeling alone.

We are born alone?
I would say it’s rather clear that our mother is present. We had her heartbeat to listen to for nine months in the uterus, and every sensible midwife would bring that baby, very fast, up to the mother’s chest in order for that baby to pick up the sound of the heartbeat. So we’re quite safe.
We might come into this world with a scream… thinking, “Shit, the matrix!” But we are certainly not alone.

We die alone?
No we don’t. We die in an abundance of souls who are ready to follow us into the afterlife. Tales of near death experiences have taken us to that information. What’s really interesting about the near death experience is that it is cross cultural; so people in France, people in the US, people in Bali, people in Africa… all have very similar experiences.

When something goes ‘cross culture’ I have to let down my guard and think there is maybe some truth in it. The conditioning is actually very, very different from a culture in Africa to a high school student in the US telling about being met by celestial helpers or relatives long gone.

So, with regard to being alone, I think we need to address what is the perception of the ego and what is the higher perception. If we go down the alone road, we certainly, certainly buy into the matrix of belief that there is nothing in this world to trust – nothing in this world that gives us togetherness.

Within a non-religious perspective, the most holy thing we have is knowing, deep down in our souls, that we are in this together.

It quite amazes me, the ‘alone’ belief system, because it contradicts the concept that we are all one – we are one consciousness – we are united.
Those three statements, until they are perceived and lived through by our emotional software, are slogans. If we cling to them as slogans, and not as a perceived reality, but all ‘in theory’ – Well, that’s rather sad.

If the people, the pilgrims in this world heading toward the new dawn, are persuaded that they are alone while being amongst other people, we surely have met the matrix where it wants to meet us. We’ve crumbled up the perception of togetherness, synchronicity… which is the glue that holds the souls together in this 3-D reality we’re living in.

Did you notice how the same ‘ We are all One people’ often writes very degrading of either the ‘un-spiritual’ ( there is no such thing) or ‘Sheeple’. Well, how does the ‘We are all One’ align with that? It would be more honest to state: ‘Some of us are more One that Others’ – but who wants to go there, since it’s a contradiction.
It is Elitism, showing its ugly face where it shouldn’t.

Some even write: ‘The reason you are reading this is that you are Awake’- really Bro??? I clicked the link by mistake! Wasn’t my fault. As I have said before – If this is the awakening, put me back to sleep.

Being in the matrix we will often translate intimacy into physical sensuality or sexuality.
That’s just one fragment of it, and if we stare at that point we won’t understand the other levels of intimacy – the emotional intimacy, the intellectual intimacy.

Do we lack intimacy?
My question would certainly be, do we lack the courage of intimacy and conscious vulnerability?

If we open that room of intimacy and say, “Listen, I’m so alone,” our partner may hear that as an attack, but our partner can also hear that as a cry for help. So it comes down to intimacy… it comes down to ego opinions. Because if people leave us, or if we leave people because we don’t buy into the mainstream fault system, that would spark feelings of being alone.

I’m not pointing towards the idea that we should always surround ourselves with like-minded people, but it certainly helps, like I pointed out in a previous article, we have to be very careful not to become elitist, but on the other hand we need to be cautious, very cautious about what we buy into.

We are starting to understand that there is something called spiritual depression, where we have our 40 days in the desert. But staying in that desert is not advisable. We can change what we acknowledge, so by knowing we’re in a desert we spark the need to change. It’s also a question of evolving – a question of when we leave the matrix behind: our ego will suffer and our soul will rejoice. It is the suffering of the ego in that tale – forty days without attaching to what intimacy you have within the matrix.

Walking on the evolving path certainly says that we are leaving but we are also arriving. I for one would think of it as a huge waste of time if my final goal on this path would be to understand that I’m all alone.
I actually set out to understand that I wasn’t.

I don’t fear being alone because it’s an illusion. From a spiritual perspective it’s an illusion. From 4-D, 5-D it’s an illusion. And I would suppose that there are evolving people out here who have actually experienced that reality. There to another reality we go, and we attach, and there will be people there to satisfy our needs for intimacy.

I think we need to flip this coin of being alone together, being alone when we are born, and being alone when we die, and see the other side. As the Yoga Sutra said, every time we throw an emotion in the air there can be joy and we can also see the back side of it… sorrow… because we might lose the joy.

We need to become ever stronger in our states of mind, and we need not to put our perspective down in the matrix 3-D conditioning of ‘emotions are real’: emotions are illusions, they come and go. States of mind stay.

We are tied together by synchronicity and our path in life is determined by that synchronicity.

It can be quite challenging to have the courage to bond in intimacy, not only sensually but also with the mind and the emotional software. There is a huge difference between love and being in love. If I may, I would strongly advise you to fall in love with unity, with the celestial, the feminine spirits of this world, the masculine spirits of this world.

Love the beauty, and in beauty you rest… knowing… Alone: It’s The Last Thing You Are

© 2015 Soren Dreier – Full repost only with permission.

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