Author - Soren Dreier


The End of Adolescence

Adolescence as an idea and as an experience grew out of the more general elevation of childhood as an ideal throughout the Western world. By the closing decades of the 19th century, nations defined the quality of their cultures by the treatment of their children. As Julia Lathrop, the...

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Giant Celtic Cross Growing in Irish Forest

A giant Celtic cross design, only visible from the sky, has been discovered growing in an Irish forest. The 100-meter (330ft) long religious symbol remained undetected for years until airline passengers noticed it while flying overhead. The cross in Killea forest in county Donegal caused...

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War on Drugs: Putin is to Blame…

It’s safe to say that the abuse of painkillers and psychotropic drugs has become epidemic in the United States, while the situation is being aggravated by the struggle for the legalization of marijuana that has been on the rise in most states. Recently, the Attorney General of the United...

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Australia Sways With the Weather

Our planet does some weird stuff that escapes our notice simply because of scale. The Earth spins faster during an El Niño year—or after some earthquakes—but we’re never going to miss a millisecond here or there. It’s also easy to forget that the plates that make up the Earth’s crust are...

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Is the Mind Truly Within the Brain?

For some 2,500 years, humans have located the mind in the brain inside our heads. But we ought to consider the origin of mind with an open mind. Is the mind truly within the brain? Or is this an illusion? I gained some insight back in the 1980s, as college drew to a close. I was in my 20s...

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When Tomatoes Were Blamed For Witchcraft

No other vegetable has been as maligned as the tomato (and it is a vegetable, by order of the United States Supreme Court). We call tomatoes killers. We call them rotten. We call them ugly. We call them sad. To find the reason why, you have to go back to the 1500s, when the humble fruit...

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Lawrence – So, It’s Truth Bomb Time?

In the words of the collective: “The world is going insane and we can’t do anything about it… we’re powerless and we’re trapped!” Well, we can do one thing: realize that this is not a trap as much as it is light shining on darkness. Let’s step back, look at the flow, and see if there is a...

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Who’s Trying to Murder the Internet?

As we continue to slide down the ramp of the strangest American presidential election of all time, it’s becoming harder to have the bandwidth to be aware of any other current events going on. But if there’s one story from the last few weeks that should worm its way into your purview, it’s...

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Inside the Hunt for Libya’s Lost Treasures

When the French historian, archaeologist, and researcher Morgan Belzic, of the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris embarked on a PhD thesis on the somewhat esoteric subject of Cyrenaican Funerary Sculptures, little did he know he would end up becoming a detective. However Belzic’s...

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The Bizarre Outbreak of Hallucinations in Oregon

It sounds like something from a B-grade movie.  An emergency room in Coos Bay, Oregon was recently placed in quarantine after five people – including two police officers, began to hallucinate after coming into contact with a woman who claimed her car was being vandalized – although there...

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Antibiotics in Fast Food – 25 Top Chains

Nutritional focus on fast food often hones in on calories, but antibiotics in fast food shouldn’t be ignored, either. A recent report released by the Center for Food Safety rates the top 25 American restaurant chains on antibiotics use in meat products. The results suggest we should...

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Can Cannabis Cure Dravet Syndrome?

Charlotte Figi had her first seizure when she was three months old. It began after a warm bath, a common precursor to the first seizures in Dravet Syndrome. Within a couple of years, she was experiencing over 300 spontaneous grand mal seizures a week. You may have heard of Charlotte’s...

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Can End-of-life Care Make Space for Spirituality?

Nurses rushed around the man in a blur of hyperactive clothes-changing and sheets-changing. He looked up. ‘It’s the cancer, you know. It’s spreading all around.’ He was talking to the only nurse in the room who wasn’t on duty. She was there to observe the workings of the hospice staff, as...

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Benefits of Herbal Medicine

Did you know that about 25 percent of the drugs prescribed worldwide are derived from plants? Of the 252 drugs in the World Health Organization’s essential medicine list, 11 percent are exclusively of plant origin. In fact, about 200 years ago the first pharmacological compound, morphine...

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10 of the Most Mysterious Ancient Manuscripts

Cracking codices Dating back hundreds to thousands of years, codices can reveal much about an ancient culture, that is, if you can decipher the text. Often written in an outdated language with unfamiliar grammar, these codices take careful analysis to crack their meanings. Some continue...

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Does Your ‘Self’ Have a Soul?

Most religions claim that there is more to the self than the brain. The traditional understanding is that human sentience and selfhood are conveyed via some kind of nonphysical substance, often called a “soul.” Though the soul is far out of favor with most contemporary...

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CoQ10 Can Significantly Reduce Dementia Risk

There is exciting news about the coenzyme CoQ10 related to preventing dementia. A study published in the journal Atherosclerosis reveals that higher levels of CoQ10 in the blood correlates with a lowered risk of dementia in the later years of life. The study looked at adults between the...

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How to Increase Libido the Natural Way

Lack of lack of libido is more common in women than men, but it significantly affects both sexes. Research shows that 32 percent of women and 15 percent of men lack the desire to have sex regularly. Whether you’re on the lower or higher end of the age spectrum, a low libido can strike at...

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Monsanto Faces People’s Tribunal

An international tribunal is being staged in front of The Hague this weekend to highlight the human rights violations and ecological devastation wreaked by the GMO and chemical giant around the world, as well as to draw attention to the failure of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to...

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Why Are You Always Tired?

Some 20 percent of people in the US report having experienced fatigue intense enough to interfere with living a normal life. This hits us in our pockets, too: workers who are unproductive because of fatigue cost US employers more than $100 billion a year. It’s perhaps surprising...

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Kratom Users Celebrate After DEA Drops Ban

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is dropping a plan to outlaw kratom, and users of the plant — many of whom take it medicinally or say it’s helped them overcome an opioid addiction — are celebrating. The DEA planned to classify kratom as a schedule I controlled substance, placing...

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Fasting Prevents Aging and Transform Your Body

For his breakfast on July 11, 1966, 27-year-old Scotsman Angus Barbieri ate a boiled egg, a slice of bread with butter, and a cup of black coffee. It was the first food he’d eaten in 382 days. According to a report published in the Chicago Tribune, the next day he told a reporter...

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Hillary Called For a ‘Manhatten Like Project’

Hillary Clinton’s advisers recognized that her policy position on encryption was problematic, with one writing that it was tantamount to insisting that there was “‘some way’ to do the impossible.” Instead, according to campaign emails released by Wikileaks, they suggested that the...

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