Author - Soren Dreier


Natural Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is one of the top 10 conditions for which people seek medical care. It’s an uncomfortable ailment that leaves you coughing for weeks (or more) and comes with plenty of mucus. Although many physicians treat bronchitis with antibiotics, a majority of cases are caused by viruses...

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Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Press Release Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency. The first full part of the series...

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Islam: World’s Largest Religion by 2070

To the likely dismay of President Trump and his voter base, Islam is set to become the world’s largest religion by 2070. The United States-based Pew Research Center analyzed demographic changes among the world’s major religions and found the world’s population of Muslims will grow by 73...

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The Rise Of The Collective Narcissist

How do you feel about your nation? Does it make you angry when others criticise your country? Do you feel the world would be a better place if your country had more of a say? Do you wish other countries would more quickly recognise your country’s authority? Anyone who answered “yes” to...

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From Judgment to Discernment

Would you rather hear me say, “I’m being guided to tell you,” or would you prefer that I just tell you? I’ve been listening to messages that are presented as being from archangels or beings or fields or energies speaking through people. Previously I would have moved on, thinking… com’on –...

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Pilgrimage To El Tepozteco

Tepoztlan, Morelos is given the title of ‘Pueblo Magico’; because it offers a ‘magical experience’ for tourists – by reason of its natural beauty, historical and cultural relevance. It is a small charming town with a well preserved historic center, 80km south of Mexico City...

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Chemical Enlightenment?

In the 1960s, there was a popular belief – popularised by psychedelic pioneers like Timothy Leary (pictured) – that drugs such as LSD could provide ‘chemical enlightenment’, a way of circumventing the years of arduous spiritual practice which monks and other spiritual put themselves...

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Is Something Strange Happening Inside The Earth?

Why are “giant fountains of lava” suddenly pouring out of some of the most dangerous volcanoes on the entire planet, and why are so many long dormant volcanoes suddenly roaring back to life?  The spectacular eruption of Mt. Etna in Italy is making headlines all over the world, but it is...

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The Friendliest Quokka on Earth

21-year-old Campbell Jones and his girlfriend were out for a bike ride in Rottnest, Australia, when they came across what is possibly the friendliest quokka on Earth. “As I walked back to my bike, the quokka chased after me,” Jones told the West Australian. “I put down the GoPro and it...

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Archaeologists Find Incredible Mayan Jade Pendant

Archaeologists have discovered a remarkable jade pendant fit for a king. Covered on one side with hieroglyphs, the buried jewelry belonged to a Mayan king who would have sported it on his chest ceremonially, the University of California, San Diego announced. Not only is the hieroglyph...

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How to Get Rid of Rats the Natural Way

Rats are some of the smartest animals on the planet, but they are also one of the biggest disease-spreading pests around. That’s why so many people wonder how to get rid of rats in a natural, safe way, and that curiosity has spiked recently. It turns out, rats don’t just carry filth and...

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Pope Francis Reduces Sentences For Pedophile Priests

Pope Francis’ unshakeable belief in the power of mercy has been called into question after a previously-convicted pedophile priest struck again, around two years after the Pontiff reduced sanctions against child-abusing clergy, according to a report by AP. The case of Rev. Mauro Inzoli...

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Syria’s “White Helmets” Go to Hollywood

The White Helmets are a “feel good” story like a Disney hero movie: 90% myth and fabrication. Most of what is claimed about the Syrian rescue group is untrue. They are not primarily Syrian; the group was initiated by British military contractor James LeMesurier and has been heavily funded...

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Alcohol Is a Major Toxin

Researchers and physicians have long known that chronic, excessive alcohol use can cause devastating effects on health. And, it’s becoming increasingly clear that those who consume large amounts of alcohol sharply increase their risk of certain cancers. Disturbingly, some studies have...

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Natural Treatments for Whooping Cough

Pertussis, or whooping cough, has made a dramatic resurgence in the past several years. Large outbreaks of whooping cough symptoms have occurred in multiple states. Infant deaths have drawn the attention of not only healthcare providers, but also the media. Although antibiotics are the...

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Why Did Danish Vikings Move to England?

Despite the dangers, between 20,000 and 35,000 Danish Vikings chose to uproot and migrate to England between the 9th and 10th century. So says a new study published in the archaeological journal Antiquity. Initially the trips were raiding expeditions, but later on, more and more Vikings...

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Taxpayer-Funded Horror at Standing Rock

It was a bitter cold night on the Backwater Bridge when Efrain Montalvo got the desperate call from the front line. “The medics were screaming for help, because they were overwhelmed,” remembered Montalvo, 25, a member of the International Indigenous Youth Council at Standing Rock. He...

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