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Understanding The Visionary Nature Of Plant Medicines

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Author: Higher Perspective

Since the earliest times of human consciousness, people have been exploring the spirit world, the inner world, and the physical world through visionary practices. Often, this has been done by intaking specific chemicals derived from plants.  The pathways opened by the intake of these substances provide a number of effects...

9 Marijuana Policies from Around the World that Are Way Ahead of the U.S.

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"While the US’s officials and media continue to pretend like pot legalization is an unprecedented, far-fetched dream, in Spain, personal marijuana has been legal for decades." While people in Barcelona, Spain are lighting joints up on the street outside of bars as tourists flock to enjoy a marijuana culture that...

The Complicated Evolution of Marijuana

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Author: Daily Beast

From an ancient Chinese cure-all to the settlers of Jamestown to Colorado’s legalization experiment, the complicated evolution of marijuana. The extraordinary history of marijuana is so expansive, spanning thousands of years over much of the world’s geography, that a timeline would hardly do it justice. A single straight line fails...

The Endocannabinoid System and How THC Cures Cancer

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Author: Marco Torres - Video

There are close to 20,000 studies on cannabinoids in the pubmed database. Few scientists who concentrate their work around cannabinoids can deny the tremendous therapeutic potential of cannabis. Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid Spain, has completed extensive research which led to one of the...

It’s Easier to Overdose on Water Than Weed

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Author: Ross Pomeroy

In February, reports filtered in from Germany that two men died of cardiac arrhythmia triggered by marijuana intoxication. At a headline's glance, the tragic deaths seemed to spoil cannabis' unblemished track record: Until that point, no cases of fatal overdose were known to science. It should be noted, however, that...

Marijuana Legalization Doesn’t Increase Crime

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Author: Erin Delmore

Three months after Colorado residents legalized recreational marijuana with the passage of Amendment 64 in Nov. 2012, Sheriff Tom Allman of Mendocio County, Calif. – a haven for marijuana growers – warned that an onslaught of crime was headed toward Colorado. “Thugs put on masks, they come to your house,...

Gateway Drug, To What?

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Author: Charles Eisenstein

You've probably heard about those addiction studies with caged lab rats, in which the rats compulsively press the heroin dispensing lever again and again, even to the point of choosing it over food and starving themselves to death. These studies seemed to imply some pretty disheartening things about human nature....

Rick Simpson’s Canadian Cancer Cures

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Author: Paul Fassa

Cannabis oil and its variations have made mainstream news with its positive effects and cures on various diseases, including cancer, a disease that the medical establishment only complicates or worsens, often to the point of killing the patient. All with great expense to create financial burdens. Earlier this century, a...