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6 Ways To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods In Your Shopping Bag

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Author: Medical Daily

In a growing health-conscious society, more consumers are putting the pressure on food manufacturers to publicly disclose the ingredients used in their products. Fast food giants like Subway and McDonald’s are among some of America’s food corporations that have recently come under attack for using ingredients that pose health risks...

A New Kind of GMO

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Author: Josie Garthwaite

Thousands of researchers will descend on Boston this fall for an event billed as the world’s largest gathering of synthetic biologists. The field is evolving so rapidly that even scientists working in it don't agree on a definition, but at its core synthetic biology involves bringing engineering principles to biotechnology....

This Latest GMO Ban In North America Proves How The Power Of The People Is Making A Difference

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Author: Collective Evolution

They’ve been banned in many places in Europe and Asia, now two counties in Oregon have banned GMOs after a two year campaign to get it done. Jackson county and Josephine county will soon be free of GMO growers as voting has been completed with both counties voting in favor...

Mutagenesis, The New GMO?

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Author: Marieke Vos

Altering the genetic makeup of plants with gamma radiation or chemicals is considered a traditional breeding technique in the United States. It is not mandatory to test the possible adverse health or environmental effects of this technique, known as mutagenesis. It is allowed to use mutagenesis-derived crops in organic agriculture....

Top 20 Frankenfoods to Avoid

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Author: Michelle Schoffro Cook

Genetically-modified (GM) foods and food ingredients have infiltrated our food supply, tainting what was once healthy. While agri-businesses continue to claim they are safe, increasing amounts of research demonstrate that GM foods are harmful to human health, damage ecosystems, cause financial calamity for many farmers, and release trans genes that...

Genetic Mutations Cause Obesity

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Author: Bioscience - Video

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have discovered a novel genetic cause of severe obesity which, although relatively rare, demonstrates for the first time that genes can reduce basal metabolic rate– how the body burns calories. Previous studies (performed by David Powell and colleagues at Lexicon Pharmaceuticals in Texas) demonstrated...

Biotech’s Dark Promise – Involuntary Cannibalism for All

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Author: Sayer Ji

Whereas the quote above could easily be dismissed as the 'progress-denying' sentiment of a disgruntled anti-GMO activist, the fact is that it came from a scientist representing the very epitome of Western rationality and accomplishment. Perhaps Einstein was reflecting on the inevitable existential consequences of the so-called "technological imperative"--whatever can...

5 Ways Monsanto Wants to Profit Off Climate Change

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Author: Maggie Severns

Global warming could mean big business for controversial agriculture giant Monsanto, which announced last week it was purchasing the climate change-oriented startup Climate Corporation for $930 million. Agriculture, which uses roughly 40 percent of the world's land, will be deeply affected by climate change in the coming years. In 2007,...

Big Island of Hawaii Passes Ban On GMOs

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Author: Tom Callis

A County Council committee gave a bill that would restrict the use of genetically altered crops a positive recommendation Tuesday, ensuring that the legislation would survive nearly five months after the committee first took on the controversial issue. The legislation, Bill 113, was moved forward to the council level in...

Next Generation GMOs – Questionable Nanoparticles

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Author: Natural Society

Are you aware of nanotechnology and nanoparticles? Nanoparticles are tiny—like really tiny. A piece of your hair is about 100,000 nanometers wide; it’s the unit of measurement that your fingernails grow in a single second, but their size isn’t the only problem. Nanoparticles are potentially toxic, according to the Alliance for...

Environment Secretary Urges UK to Adopt Use of GM Crop Technology

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Author: Tom Bowden

Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, will officially kick off his campaign to bring genetically modified crops to the UK today by calling on the government, industry and scientists to join forces to convert the public in the face of widespread fear and scepticism. Mr Paterson, who ultimately wants the European...

Monsanto Has Been A Merchant of Death for Decades

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Author: Elizabeth Renter / Video

When you think of Monsanto, you likely think of genetically modified foods and corporate greed. You may think of this powerful corporation as today’s international super-villain, one that puts profits before people and doesn’t think twice of feeding poison to the masses. But Monsanto’s tale of destruction is far from...