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‘Good Kill’: A Searing Indictment of America’s Drone Warfare Obsession

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Author: Marlow Stern

In the past few years, Hollywood, which has long held a mirror to society’s myriad blemishes, began to focus its lens on the United States’ controversial drone program—a battalion of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) issuing targeted missile attacks largely in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Northwest Pakistan. A drone...

Facebook Can Follow You by Listening Through Your Smartphone

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Author: James Vincent - Video

Now, Facebook wants to make this public diary even more detailed with a feature that uses your phone’s microphone to listen to your surroundings and add data about the music or TV you might have on using audio clues. “That means if you want to share that you’re listening to...

WhatsApp? Private Chatter Now Exploited by Billionaires

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Author: David Kreps

The much-discussed purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook this week should give us pause for thought regarding the real agendas behind such monopolistic acquisitions in the tech world. It’s clear that, with Facebook users getting older and older, the teen market is something it must buy into in order to capture...