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Madagascar’s Forests Vanish To Feed The Taste For Rosewood

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Author: Tamasin Ford

Blood-red sawdust coats every surface in the small carpentry workshop, where Primo Jean Besy is at the lathe fashioning vases out of ruby-coloured logs. Besy and his father are small-scale carpenters in Antalaha in north-east Madagascar, and are taking advantage of a recent resurgence in demand for wood from the...

Nelson Mandela Dies at 95

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Author: Yahoo News

Former South African President Nelson Mandela has died at age 95 of complications from a recurring lung infection. The anti-apartheid leader and Nobel laureate was a beloved figure around the world, a symbol of reconciliation from a country with a brutal history of racism. Mandela was released from prison in...

Obama Falsely Asserts He Is Mandela Follower

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Author: Sherwood Ross

Just as President Obama disgracefully used Martin Luther King’s Bible at his Inauguration to tie himself to the great pacifist civil rights leader, so this totalitarian-minded, warmonger president claimed in South Africa Sunday to have been inspired by Nelson Mandela, whose legacy he said “we must all honor in our...

U.S. Opens Drone Base in Niger

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Author: Eric Schmitt

Opening a new front in the drone wars against Al Qaeda and its affiliates, President Obama announced on Friday that about 100 American troops had been sent to Niger in West Africa to help set up a new base from which unarmed Predator aircraft would conduct surveillance in the region. The new drone base, located for...

The West’s War Against African Development Continues

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Author: Dan Glazebrook

Africa’s classic depiction in the mainstream media, as a giant basketcase full of endless war, famine and helpless children creates an illusion of a continent utterly dependent on Western handouts. In fact, the precise opposite is true – it is the West that is reliant on African handouts. These handouts...

Madonna and Angelina Jolie Told They Are Ripping the Heart Out of Africa

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Author: Charlotte Philby

The Mozambique-born supermodel-turned-humanitarian Tasha de Vasconcelos has hit out at the adoption of African children by celebrities like Madonna and Angelina Jolie. By taking children away, Ms De Vasconcelos said, they are "ripping the heart out of Africa". As she prepares to open the doors to a new eye clinic...

35 Ancient Pyramids Discovered in Sudan Necropolis

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Author: Owen Jarus

At least 35 small pyramids, along with graves, have been discovered clustered closely together at a site called Sedeinga in Sudan. Discovered between 2009 and 2012, researchers are surprised at how densely the pyramids are concentrated. In one field season alone, in 2011, the research team discovered 13 pyramids packed...

Zimbabwe Has $217 Left in the Bank

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Author: CBS

Zimbabwe's finance minister made a startling admission to reporters in Harare on Tuesday, according to multiple reports. "Last week when we paid civil servants there was $217 in government coffers," Finance Minister Tendai Biti said, according to The Telegraph. "The government finances are in paralysis state at the present moment." That...

Terror in North Africa: Are Westerners Pulling the Strings?

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Author: Daniel Howden

Canada is today investigating an allegation by the Algerian Prime Minister that one of its citizens co-ordinated the terror raid at the Saharan gas plant in which dozens of hostages were killed. Westerners, including a man with blond hair and blue eyes, are believed to have been among the Islamist...

Why Mali? – An Eldorado of Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals

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The French government has stated that: “it would send 2,500 troops to support Malian government soldiers in the conflict against Islamist rebels. France has already deployed around 750 troops to Mali, and French carriers arrived in Bamako on Tuesday morning….. We will continue the deployment of forces on the ground...

U.S. Pledges Help to France in Mali

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Author: Bazi Kanani

The U.S. today pledged to aid France's widening aerial assault on al Qaeda-linked rebels in Northern Mali, as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the U.S. would provide the French with intelligence and airlift support and the State Department said it would send civilian contractors to the region as early as...

Top Brass Warn No 10: Avoid Mali Escalation

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Author: Kim Semgupta

Defence chiefs have warned against Britain becoming enmeshed in the mission against Islamists in Mali, pointing out that any action could be drawn-out and require significantly greater resources than have so far been deployed. The most senior commanders are due to make their apprehension clear at a meeting of the...

Seven Countries Join France as its Jets Pound Mali’s North

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Author: Rukmini Callimachi

French fighter jets bombed rebel targets in a major city in Mali’s north Sunday, pounding the airport as well as training camps, warehouses and buildings used by the Al Qaeda-linked Islamists controlling the area, officials and residents said. The three-day-old French-led effort to take back Mali’s north from the extremists began with...

Lawmakers Press For Answers On 9/11 Libya Assault

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Author: Donna Cassata

Lawmakers want to know why security was "grossly inadequate" at the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya when militants stormed the facility on Sept. 11, killing the ambassador and three other Americans, and why the military failed to respond faster during the nine-hour assault. Members of the Senate and House foreign...

France To Send Drones to Mali

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Author: Jamey Keaten

France will move surveillance drones to West Africa and is holding secretive talks with U.S. officials in Paris this week as it seeks to steer international military action to help Mali's feeble government win back the northern part of the country from al-Qaida-linked rebels, The Associated Press has learned. France and the United Nations...

Monsanto’s Fading Grasp – Group Calls on South Africa to Ban GMO Corn

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Following in the footsteps of nations like France and Russia, South Africa may soon be the latest nation to enact a ban on Monsanto’s GMO corn that was recently linked to tumor development and organ damage in rats. South Africa’s African Centre for Biosafety (ACB), a watchdog organization that was created to protect consumers from various biotechnology...

In South Africa, the Poor Feel Betrayed by Ruling ANC Party

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Author: Robyn Dixon

The news that police killed 34 strikers at a platinum mine last month brought back painful memories for residents of this shantytown near Johannesburg — not of the apartheid era, but of more recent confrontations here with police. Residents angered by the inability of the government to improve their lives were summoned...

US Scrambles to rush Spies, Drones to Libya

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By Kimberly Dozier The U.S. is sending more spies, Marines and drones toLibya, trying to speed the search for those who killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, but the investigation is complicated by a chaotic security picture in the post-revolutionary country, and limited American and Libyan intelligence resources. The CIA has...