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America’s Disappearing Middle Class

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Author: Joel Kotkin

In ways not seen since the Gilded Age of the late nineteenth century, America is becoming a nation of increasingly sharply divided classes. Joel Kotkin’s The New Class Conflict breaks down these new divisions for the first time, focusing on the ascendency of two classes: the tech Oligarchy, based in Silicon Valley;...

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Cost UK Taxpayers £30bn

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Author: Oliver Wright

The use of antidepressants rose significantly in England during the financial crisis and subsequent recession, with 12.5m more pills prescribed in 2012 than in 2007, a study has found. Researchers from the Nuffield Trust and the Health Foundation identified a long-term trend of increasing prescription of antidepressants, rising from 15m...

Walk on by Britain: Two Little Girls Pretend to be Lost in a Busy Shopping Centre

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Author: Sam Greenhill

One little girl was clutching her favourite toy while her younger sister was sucking her thumb – and both looked utterly lost and forlorn. In a bygone era, a concerned adult might have stopped to ask them where their mother was. But in a damning indictment of modern Britain, hundreds...

Heathrow Security Seizes Miniature Gun From Toy Story Woody Figure

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Author: Heather Saul

The thought of Toy Story character Woody being considered an airport terror threat may seem laughable to most, but not so for the Heathrow security staff who confiscated a miniature toy gun from the doll before allowing it to travel with its owner. A puzzled father uploaded a picture of the moment...

Corruption Costs European Union 120 Billion Euros a Year

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Author: David Jolly

Despite its relatively clean image, the European Union is losing at least 120 billion euros a year to corruption, and more than three-quarters of citizens believe that the problem is widespread in their countries, the bloc’s home affairs commissioner said Monday. The awarding of government business and political party financing...

Why Norway Is Endangering Dolphins / Sea Life Along The Croatian Coast

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Author: DW - Video

Croatia, which joined the EU last July, could soon come into big money. Huge deposits of crude oil and natural gas are thought to be located under the Adriatic Sea. A Norwegian drillship has been scanning the sea floor for weeks -- and endangering dolphins, whales and even fish farms....

The Corruption of Britain

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Author: Tom Harper

The entire criminal justice system was infiltrated by organised crime gangs, according to a secret Scotland Yard report leaked to The Independent. In 2003 Operation Tiberius found that men suspected of being Britain’s most notorious criminals had compromised multiple agencies, including HM Revenue & Customs, the Crown Prosecution Service, the City...

Britain Faces More Exceptional Storms

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Author: Adam Withnall

Britain is facing a new bout of “exceptional” bad weather, the environment secretary has warned, with heavy rain, strong winds and high tides forecast to arrive early tomorrow morning. The warning from Owen Paterson came after a meeting of the Government’s emergency committee Cobra, where ministers heard that the Environment...