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Navy Sailors Have Severe Radiation Sickness After Japan Rescue

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Author: Laura Italiano

Navy sailor Lindsay Cooper knew something was wrong when billows of metallic-tasting snow began drifting over USS Ronald Reagan. “I was standing on the flight deck, and we felt this warm gust of air, and, suddenly, it was snowing,” Cooper recalled of the day in March 2011 when she and...

Japanese World War Two Super-Submarine Discovered off the Coast of Hawaii

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Author: Adam Withnall - Video

Scientists have accidentally discovered a wrecked super-submarine off the coast of Hawaii that had been missing for more than 65 years. One of the jewels of the Japanese fleet in the Second World War, it was a technological marvel, and among the largest pre-nuclear submarines ever built. Yet despite measuring...

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is a Warning to the World

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Author: Simon Tisdall

The catastrophic triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March 2011 was "a warning to the world" about the hazards of nuclear power and contained lessons for the British government as it plans a new generation of nuclear power stations, the man with overall responsibility for the operation...

Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council Statement on Fukushima

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Author: Indigenous Action

This statement reflects the wisdom of the Spiritual People of the Earth, of North and South America, working in unity to restore peace, harmony and balance for our collective future and for all living beings. This statement is written in black and white with a foreign language that is not...

‘Fukuppy’ – The Creative Brain Child of Fukushima Industries

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Author: Felicity Morse

As sending positive brand signals go, naming your mascot Fukuppy is probably a step in the wrong direction. Indeed, it would seem this refrigerator company have had their very own fukuppy with the unfortunate christening of this cartoon egg. Social media users seized on the winged ovum's name to ridicule...

Fukushima Could be 15,000x Worse than Hiroshima with Removal of Fuel Rods

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Author: Christina Sarich

A Yale Professor is compelling the world to wake up from its nuclear slumber and face some cold-hard facts, “All of humanity will be threatened for thousands of years” if the Fukushima Unit 4 pool can’t be kept cool. Your worries about eating cesium-contaminated fish from the Pacific Ocean are grounded in fact,...

Japanese Look To Change Their Fate by Palm Plastic Surgery

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Author: Jake Adelstein

Want to be richer? To live longer? Easy. In Japan, the latest craze is to change your fortune with palm surgery that extends your lines. Jake Adelstein and Nathalie-Kyoko Stucky report from the fortune-telling frontier. In Japan, where palm reading remains one of the most popular means of fortune-telling, some...

Is Yonaguni Monument The Japanese Atlantis?

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Author: Atlas Obscura / Video

The Yonaguni-jima Kaitei Chikei, literally translated as "Yonaguni Island Submarine Topography," is an underwater mystery off the coast of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan. The massive underwater rock formation is speculated to have existed for more than 10,000 years, but whether the formation is completely man-made, entirely natural, or merely altered by...