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Turmeric Helps Scientists Create A Powerhouse Cancer Fighter

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Author: Shweta

Put together a common spice that's been used for centuries in Asian cuisine — it also gives turmeric its distinctive yellow color — with certain peptide molecules, and you have a compound that has shown the ability to halt the progression of mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer of the membrane lining...

Treating Cancer With Venom

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Author: Samantha Olson

Scorpions, bees, and snakes are all known for their painful stings and, in some cases life-threatening venom, but venom's unique properties could be used for targeting cancer cells. The power of venom has opened up new doors for cancer treatment approaches and the findings will be reported in a video...

A Recipe To Make Cannabis Oil For A Chemotherapy Alternative

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Author: Collective Evolution

Awareness with regards to cannabis as a treatment and potential cure for cancer has been rapidly increasing over the past few years. Several studies over the last decade have clearly (without question) demonstrated the anti-tumoral effects of the plant. Cannabinoids (any group of related compounds that include cannabinol and the...

Rick Simpson’s Canadian Cancer Cures

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Author: Paul Fassa

Cannabis oil and its variations have made mainstream news with its positive effects and cures on various diseases, including cancer, a disease that the medical establishment only complicates or worsens, often to the point of killing the patient. All with great expense to create financial burdens. Earlier this century, a...

‘Charlotte’s Web’ – Sick Girl Gets Own Marijuana Strain

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Author: Newscom

The doctors were out of ideas to help 5-year-old Charlotte Figi. As a last resort her mother called medical marijuana shops to ease the 300 seizures her daughter was having every week. Suffering from a rare genetic disorder, she had as many as 300 grand mal seizures a week, used...

Cannabis Helped Treat Leukemia In Teenage Girl

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Author: Collective Evolution

A recent study reveals that cannabis taken orally in the form of what is called ‘hemp oil’ can be an effective treatment for Leukemia and possibly other cancers. The case study examines a teenage female who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation. This mutation accounts...

Poor Quality Sleep Ups Cancer Growth Risk

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Author: Susan Scutti

Troubled by a possible link between sleep apnea and increased cancer mortality, Dr. David Gozal and his colleagues devised a series of experiments to investigate the effects of fragmented sleep on cancer. Poor quality sleep, they soon discovered, can speed cancer growth, increase tumor aggressiveness, and stifle the immune system's...

Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells Without Side Effects

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Author: Dave Mihalovich

Cancer cells have a high metabolism and require much energy for rapid growth. Researchers reported in the Journal Cancer that that garlic compounds produced reactive oxygen species in brain cancer cells, essentially gorging them to death with activation of multiple death cascades and blocking pathways the proliferation of brain tumors....

Curry Compound Kills Cancer Cells

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Author: Kelly Dickerson

Scientists have found a very unusual potential cancer-fighting technique: nanoparticles that carry curry into cancer cells. Specifically the particles were filled with curcumin, a compound found in curry. The research by scientists from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Austria was published in the Journal of Nanobiotechnology...

What The Cancer Industry Does Not Want You To Know

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Author: Dave Mihalovic

They tell us chemotherapy saves lives, boosts long-term survival rates and does not damage healthy cells. All these statements by the cancer industry are false. Poison kills indiscriminately– always has and always will. While damaging healthy cells, chemotherapy also triggers them to secrete a protein that sustains tumour growth and resistance...

The Cancer Blame Game

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Author: Charlotte Huff

Linnea Duff learned at age 45 that she had developed lung cancer, she practically encouraged people to ask if she had ever smoked. But in the eight years since, her feelings have soured considerably on the too-frequent question, and she’s developed an acute sense of solidarity with fellow patients: smokers,...

Grapeseed Extract Better than Chemo

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Author: Christina Sarich

Thanks to research coming out of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, and published in the medical journal Cancer Letters, those suffering from colon and rectal cancers might soon be able to ditch the cancer-causing ‘medicine’ called chemotherapy, and instead utilize a simple herbal extract with better success. Grapeseed extract (GSE) has...

8-Year Old Girl Raises PH levels And Shrinks Cancer Tumors By 75 % With Diet

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Author: Arjun Walia - Video

Another story of a cancer patient treating themselves through diet has surfaced. Not long ago we shared a similar story of a man with stage 3 colon cancer who refused chemotherapy and cured himself with a vegan diet. I want to make it clear that surgery does not cure cancer, especially...

Cancer Patients Screwed Over By UK Cannabis Laws

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Author: Keelan Balderson

Today’s blog is all about weed, or at least the insanity of the British Government who refuse to accept the myriad of scientific evidence that shows cannabis to be a relatively harmless drug if used by responsible adults (especially compared to tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and hard drugs), and that it...

Cannabis Cures Cancer / How to Make Medicinal Hemp Oil Safely

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Author: RiseEarth / Video

Cannabis is labeled by the US Government as a Schedule One Narcotic, meaning little to no known medical value. (Even though the US Govt holds patents that state otherwise) Marinol, which is APPROVED BY THE FDA, is synthesized THC. Millions of people are sitting in jail for using Cannabis raw,...