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Marijuana Legalization Doesn’t Increase Crime

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Author: Erin Delmore

Three months after Colorado residents legalized recreational marijuana with the passage of Amendment 64 in Nov. 2012, Sheriff Tom Allman of Mendocio County, Calif. – a haven for marijuana growers – warned that an onslaught of crime was headed toward Colorado. “Thugs put on masks, they come to your house,...

Gateway Drug, To What?

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Author: Charles Eisenstein

You've probably heard about those addiction studies with caged lab rats, in which the rats compulsively press the heroin dispensing lever again and again, even to the point of choosing it over food and starving themselves to death. These studies seemed to imply some pretty disheartening things about human nature....

Rick Simpson’s Canadian Cancer Cures

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Author: Paul Fassa

Cannabis oil and its variations have made mainstream news with its positive effects and cures on various diseases, including cancer, a disease that the medical establishment only complicates or worsens, often to the point of killing the patient. All with great expense to create financial burdens. Earlier this century, a...

Medical Marijuana Research For PTSD Clears Major Hurdle

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Author: Jolie Lee

A researcher at the University of Arizona is a step closer to studying how medical marijuana affects veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Although there is a "mountain of anecdotal evidence" that marijuana helps with PTSD, there has been no controlled trial to test how marijuana suppresses the symptoms, including flashbacks,...

The Benefits of Medical Cannabis

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Author: Dr. Mercola

Marijuana has been legalized in a number of US states; 20 states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes; two states—Colorado and Washington state—also permit recreational use. Certain forms of cannabis are actually very potent medicine, with few or no psychoactive effects. In California, medical marijuana has been legal for 18...

18 Members Of Congress Ask Obama To Reschedule Cannabis

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Author: Jeff Roberts

Today, a bipartisan letter to President Obama was sent by Congressman Earl Blumenauer along with 17 other members of Congress, asking him to tell Attorney General Eric Holder to reschedule marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act to Schedule II, meaning marijuana possession wouldn’t be as much of a crime as heroin,...

‘Charlotte’s Web’ – Sick Girl Gets Own Marijuana Strain

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Author: Newscom

The doctors were out of ideas to help 5-year-old Charlotte Figi. As a last resort her mother called medical marijuana shops to ease the 300 seizures her daughter was having every week. Suffering from a rare genetic disorder, she had as many as 300 grand mal seizures a week, used...

Cannabis Helped Treat Leukemia In Teenage Girl

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Author: Collective Evolution

A recent study reveals that cannabis taken orally in the form of what is called ‘hemp oil’ can be an effective treatment for Leukemia and possibly other cancers. The case study examines a teenage female who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation. This mutation accounts...

Medical Marijuana Reduces Suicide

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Author: Alice Robb

While lawmakers and politicians have been coming out in droves to endorse the legalization of medical and even recreational marijuana, the medical establishment hasn’t been as supportive. But the tide could be turning: The American Journal of Public Health has just published a study suggesting that states that legalize medical...

End the Ban on Psychoactive Drug Research

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Author: Scientific American

Discovery of new psychiatric medication, whether for the treatment of depression, autism or schizophrenia, is at a virtual standstill. As just one example, the antidepressants on the market today are no more effective at reversing the mood disorder than those that first became available in the 1950s. New thinking is...

Could Florida Be The First Southern State To Legalize Marijuana?

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Author: Nadia-Elysse Harris

Florida certainly isn’t what most would consider a “progressive” state, but a new ballot initiative may make it the first southern state to legalize medical marijuana. If the measure passes, it could be a sign of a changing political tide in a notoriously conservative state. Medical marijuana is “an issue...

Cannabis Can Kill Cancer Cells and Curb MS

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Author: Anne Ringgaard

People with chronic pain, tremors and spastic movements, along with cancer patients who suffer constant nausea as a result of chemotherapy, may have good reasons for breaking the law and light up the occasional joint. Cannabis has been proven to have a beneficial effect on pain, nausea and neurological disorders....

Why the Miraculous Healing Properties of Cannabis Are Driving a Decorated Veteran on a Mission

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Author: April M Short

Perry Parks, a Vietnam combat veteran and highly decorated retired military officer of 28 years, says killing is an unnatural act. If you take the average person off the street, he said, he will not be able to point a gun at somebody and pull the trigger. “They have to...