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Near-Death Experiencers Shouldn’t Be Treated as Crazy

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Author: Tara MacIsaac

Erica McKenzie is a registered nurse who has not only seen many patients come back from the brink of death with reports of experiencing the other side, but who has also had her own profound near-death experience. McKenzie spent months in a psychiatric facility after telling a doctor about her...

Why Was Stonehenge Built?

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Author: Sarah Griffiths

Humans have marvelled at the majesty of Stonehenge for thousands of years, but the famous landmark’s original purpose has remained a mystery. Now, a new technique has revealed 15 previously unknown Neolithic monuments around the mysterious monument in Wiltshire. And one archaeologist thinks they could provide evidence that the stone...

The Mysterious Real Zombies of Haiti

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Author: Mysterious Universe

Bloodthirsty fictional zombies have become very popular in recent times, inhabiting everything from books, to TV shows, to movies, delighting and scaring many horror aficionados. Yet many people may not realize that in some cultures, zombies are considered to be very real. In these societies, zombies are not the stuff...

Oldest Medical Report of Near-Death Experience Discovered

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Author: Bahar Gholipour

Reports of people having "near-death" experiences go back to antiquity, but the oldest medical description of the phenomenon may come from a French physician around 1740, a researcher has found. The report was written by Pierre-Jean du Monchaux, a military physician from northern France, who described a case of near-death...

Nostradamus and Chinese Prophets Had Similar Predictions

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Author: Tracy Xu

The prophecies Nostradamus made in the 16th century have drawn much attention and interest in the Western world. Many in the West may be unfamiliar, however, with the famed Chinese book of prophecy, “Tui Bei Tu” (推背图). Some of the predictions in “Tui Bei Tu” match almost perfectly with those...