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Siberian Exploding Holes ‘Are the Key to Bermuda Triangle’

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Author: Siberian Times

The craters - two in Yamal and one on the Taymyr peninsula - were revealed during the summer, leading to urgent analysis by scientists as well as a wave of speculation suggesting the cause was aliens from outer space, meteorites, or stray missiles. Now respected Science in Siberia journal has...

Bad Moon Rising?

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Author: Extintion Protocol

Bad Moon Rising: “It’s not Halloween just yet, but that doesn’t mean the moon can’t get a little freaky. The second blood moon of the year will light up the sky early Wednesday morning in North America, where it will be most visible from the Pacific coast, according to NASA....

The ‘Strongest Storm On Earth’ This Year Is Barreling Toward Japan

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Author: NewsCom

The sixth super typhoon to form in 2014 has strengthened overnight to become the most intense storm on the planet since the deadly Typhoon Haiyan. Super Typhoon Vongfong has intensified over the past 24 hours — and it’s headed straight for one of the world’s most populous countries. The tropical...

Is Everything We Know About Nicotine Wrong?

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Author: The Mind Unleashed

Nicotiana tabacum
The tobacco plant, nicotiana tabacum, has been cultivated, chewed and smoked by the Native Americans since about 6000 B.C., possibly longer. For millennia, tobacco has been an important part of society, and used frequently for ceremonial and medicinal purposes. And yet today, we all know that cigarettes are responsible for...

Canadian Beekeepers Launch Class Action Suit Against Pesticide Makers

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Author: Andrea Germanos

Beekeepers in the Canadian province of Ontario have launched a class action lawsuit against makers of a class of pesticides linked to the decline of bees. The claim (pdf) filed Tuesday in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice seeks $450 million in damages going back to 2006 for the "chronic...

Billions Of Strange-Looking Blue Animals Are Washing Up On The West Coast

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Author: Cathy Lucas

Billions of small, jellyfish-like creatures known as “by-the-wind sailors” have washed ashore all along the west coast of North America this summer, from southern California to British Columbia. Images of vast swarms of electric-blue sails covering the ocean’s surface and littering the sand are indeed spectacular, but people might well...

Radioactive Boars Are Roaming Around Germany

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Author: Rachel Nuwer

The nuclear disaster at Chernobyl occurred nearly three decades ago, but the radioactive legacy it has left on the landscape still continues today. Those impacts are not just felt in Ukraine and nearby Belarus, however, but in several European countries hundreds of miles away. Wind and rain deposited the radiation-laden plume soon after...

State of Emergency Declared After Calif. Quake

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Author: USA Today

California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Napa, Solano, and Sonoma counties Sunday after a magnitude-6.0 earthquake rattled Northern California early Sunday, leaving dozens wounded, thousands without power and hundreds of buildings damaged. The quake struck at 3:20 a.m. PT near American Canyon about 6 miles southwest of Napa,...

Icelandic Volcano: Is this 2010 All Over Again?

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Author: Simon Calder

Could an erupting Icelandic volcano be about to jeopardise international air travel once more? Four years ago, ash from Eyjafjallajökull wrought aviation havoc in northern Europe, grounding flights for up to a week. Now there are rumblings that suggest another eruption may be imminent. What could it mean for travellers...

Drinking California Dry

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Author: Janissa Delzo

Bottled-water drinkers, we have a problem: There's a good chance that your water comes from California, a state experiencing the third-driest year on record. The details of where and how bottling companies get their water are often quite murky, but generally speaking, bottled water falls into two categories. The first is...

The Man Who Invented the 26th Dimension

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Author: Ethan Siegel

When he died on September 7, 2012, theoretical physicist Claud W. Lovelace left behind a house filled with parakeets. With no family or close companions, the eccentric Rutgers professor loved to be surrounded by his colorful fine-feathered friends and listen to classical music as he contemplated the nuances of unified...