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Calm Solar Cycle Prompts Questions About Impact on Earth

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Author: Jean-Louis Santini

The surface of the sun has been surprisingly calm of late -- with fewer sunspots than anytime in in the last century -- prompting curious scientists to wonder just what it might mean here on Earth. Sunspots have been observed for millennia -- first by Chinese astronomers and then, for...

From A Single Point To A Four-Dimensional Hyperspace

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Author: Andy Kiersz

Monsters from other dimensions are a staple of B-movies. The Millennium Falcon flies through hyperspace to get from planet to planet in Star Wars. The theory of relativity describes our universe as being made up of a four-dimensional spacetime. Ideas of dimensions and higher dimensions show up frequently in popular...

Ancient City Discovered Beneath Biblical-Era Ruins

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Author: Tia Ghose

Archaeologists have unearthed traces of a previously unknown, 14th-century Canaanite city buried underneath the ruins of another city in Israel. The traces include an Egyptian amulet of Amenhotep III and several pottery vessels from the Late Bronze Age unearthed at the site of Gezer, an ancient Canaanite city. Gezer was...

Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End

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Author: Robert Lanza

After the death of his old friend, Albert Einstein said “Now Besso has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us … know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” New evidence continues to suggest...

Streetlights That Watch and Listen

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Author: Marc Lallanilla,

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They look like ordinary streetlights, shining down on Las Vegas sidewalks after the sun has set. But Sin City's new streetlights have a few special capabilities that have civil libertarians up in arms. The city is installing Intellistreets, a brand of street lighting that is capable of recording video and...

The Curious Case of Polywater

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Author: Joseph Stromberg

In Kurt Vonnegut’s 1963 novel Cat’s Cradle, a central plot element is called ice-nine. The substance, created in a lab, was made up of familiar H2O molecules, but they were locked in a novel crystalline structure that froze solid at room temperature. Because ice-nine crystals could spontaneously convert normal water...

Tutankhamun’s Tomb Surrenders Its Secrets

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Author: Claudia Joseph

The mummified body of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun burst into flames inside his sarcophagus after a botched attempt to embalm him, according to scientists in a new documentary. After his death in 1323 BC, Tutankhamun was rapidly embalmed and buried, but fire investigators believe a chemical reaction caused by embalming oils used...

Hackers Backdoor the Human Brain

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Author: Sebastian Anthony

With a chilling hint of the not-so-distant future, researchers at the Usenix Security conference have demonstrated a zero-day vulnerability in your brain. Using a commercial off-the-shelf brain-computer interface, the researchers have shown that it’s possible to hack your brain, forcing you to reveal information that you’d rather keep secret. As...

‘Lost world’ Discovered in Remote Australia

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An expedition to a remote part of northern Australia has uncovered three new vertebrate species isolated for millions of years, with scientists Monday calling the area a "lost world". Conrad Hoskin from James Cook University and a National Geographic film crew were dropped by helicopter onto the rugged Cape Melville...

Waking Up To The Holographic Universe

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Humanity is in a crisis, most humans are stuck in ancient myth yet we have developed every kind of technology and weaponized it turning everything lethal. Don’t eat the GMO vegetables, don’t breath the chem trailed laced air, don’t eat the radioactive tuna, don’t watch the poisoned television programming. Technology...

Deadly Health Problems Linked to Agrochemicals

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Author: Associated Press

Argentine farmworker Fabian Tomasi wasn’t trained to use protective gear as he pumped pesticides into crop dusters. Now at 47, he’s a living skeleton. Schoolteacher Andrea Druetta lives in a town where it’s illegal to spray agrochemicals within 550 yards of homes, and yet soy is planted just 33 yards...

Geoengineering – Let’s Play God

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Author: Memphis Barker

After the deluge of bad news came the first mention of geoengineering. The technology is discussed in the final paragraph of the report, in a profoundly cautious tone: "Modelling indicates that [certain geoengineering methods] if realisable, have the potential to substantially offset a global temperature rise." Following the report's release,...

10 DARPA Projects

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Author: Denise Chow

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has a reputation for working on some of the most cutting-edge, futuristic projects — many that could easily be mistaken for science fiction. The agency, which falls under the watch of the U.S. Department of Defense, is responsible for developing new...

Lost Prehistoric Code Found in Mesopotamia

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Author: Owen Jarus

Researchers studying clay balls from Mesopotamia have discovered clues to a lost code that was used for record-keeping about 200 years before writing was invented. The clay balls may represent the world's "very first data storage system," at least the first that scientists know of, said Christopher Woods, a professor...