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America’s Disappearing Middle Class

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Author: Joel Kotkin

In ways not seen since the Gilded Age of the late nineteenth century, America is becoming a nation of increasingly sharply divided classes. Joel Kotkin’s The New Class Conflict breaks down these new divisions for the first time, focusing on the ascendency of two classes: the tech Oligarchy, based in Silicon Valley;...

What’s hidden? Health Canada Won’t Disclose Flu Plant Inspection

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Author: Tim Alamenciak

Health Canada is keeping the most recent completed inspection of Canada’s largest flu vaccine supplier secret despite a startling report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration raising questions about quality control. The Canadian federal regulator refused to provide a copy of its July 2012 inspection of GlaxoSmithKline’s Quebec plant,...

What Canadians Aren’t Allowed to Know

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Author: Wendy Gillis

Want to read federal drug reviews for high-profile medications, including antidepressants, sleep aids and diabetes drugs? Too bad. Want to know how much Canada Post shelled out in overtime during last year’s mail delivery backlog? Sorry, that’s commercially sensitive information. Same goes for the details of how Montreal, Maine &...

Antipsychotic Drugs Prescribed to Seniors at Alarming Rates

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Author: David Bruser

Thousands of seniors in Ontario nursing homes are on a powerful mix of antipsychotics and sedatives, according to a new provincial Health Ministry report that surfaced after a recent Star investigation. The report, commissioned by the ministry and co-authored by a leading doctor and scientist, sheds new light on the...

Strange Sounds in Canada Continue to Spook

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Author: Dennis Dufrene - Video

Across the globe, people report hearing strange, unexplainable sounds. TSW has reported on a number of cases involving strange sounds which witnesses blame on everything thing from Skyquakes and solar flares to electromagnetic energy. Other theories are sometimes stranger than the sounds themselves. These include: –> Bigfoot - UFOs -...

Why Have Police In America Turned Into Such Ruthless Thugs?

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Author: Michael Snyder

Once upon a time, the police were one of the most respected institutions in America, but now most Americans fear them. Almost every single day there are multiple stories of police brutality or misconduct that make the national news.  Just this week, there have been stories about police killing a...

Canadian Citizenship Oath to Queen Will be Challenged in Court

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Author: Colin Perkel

Forcing would-be Canadians to pledge allegiance to the Queen before they can become citizens is discriminatory and a violation of their constitutional rights, three permanent residents are set to argue in court on Friday. All three maintain they oppose the oath on religious or conscientious grounds, saying pledging allegiance to...

Indigenous Rights Are the Best Defence Against Canada’s Resource Rush

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Author: Martin Lukacs

In a boardroom in a soaring high-rise on Wall Street, Indigenous activist Arthur Manuel is sitting across from one of the most powerful financial agents in North America. It's 2004, and Manuel is on a typical mission. Part of a line of distinguished Indigenous leaders from western Canada, Manuel is...

The Return of ACTA: U.S. Dictating Canada’s Intellectual Property Laws

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Author: Dana Gabriel

In March, the Canadian government introduced a bill that would bring about sweeping changes to its copyright and trademark laws. This includes giving more power to customs and border protection agents without any judicial oversight. The move is intended to prevent counterfeit goods from entering the country, but has been...

Aboriginal and Black Inmates Disproportionately Fill Ontario Jails

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Author: Jim Rankin

Race data obtained under freedom of information paints a disturbing picture of black and aboriginal overrepresentation inOntario youth and adult jails. Blacks and aboriginal people are overrepresented in Ontario’s youth and adult jails, with some staggering ratios that mirror those of blacks in American jails. A Star analysis of Ontario...

Canada Lobbying US to Approve Keystone XL Pipeline

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Author: Yves Engler

On Sunday tens of thousands are set to converge on the White House in what organizers are promoting as “the largest climate rally in U.S. history.” The protesters will be calling on Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Alongside one of this country’s biggest corporations, Stephen Harper’s government...

Canadian PM Vows New Focus On Aboriginal Issues

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Author: Les Whittington

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government promised a new focus on First Nations grievances after aboriginal leaders voiced their demands in a day of pleas, protests, warnings and high-level meetings around Parliament Hill. After four hours of talks Friday, First Nations leaders came out of the meeting with a pledge from...