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Rothschild Zionist Cameron Threatens Putin

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Author: Andrew Grice / Video

David Cameron on Monday evening made a final attempt to bounce Russia into supporting a future for Syria without President Bashar al-Assad. The Prime Minister lined up the support of the six other members of the G8 nations for a five-point plan to underpin a second round of  peace talks...

The Fall and Rise of the French Rothschilds

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Author: Evan Jones

‘Rothschild’ is a household name. It belongs to a family banking dynasty with a two hundred year lineage, reputedly once supremely powerful. Omnipresent historian Niall Ferguson has devoted two volumes to this history. The Rothschild name is now bestowed on a significant global financial services group. The maintenance of family...

Rothschild’s Armsdealer Cameron Sells Arms to Sri Lanka’s Brutal Regime

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Author: Jerome Taylor

Britain is selling millions of pounds worth of small arms and ammunition to Sri Lanka despite the country’s dire human rights record, The Independent can disclose today. Figures taken from the Government’s own database show how the authorities in Colombo have gone on a buying spree of British small arms and weaponry...