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There Is a Paranormal Activity Lab at University of Virginia

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Author: Jake Flanagin

The market for stories of paranormal academe is a rich one. There’s Heidi Julavits’s widely acclaimed 2012 novel The Vanishers, which takes place at a New England college for aspiring Sylvia Brownes. And, of course, there’s Professor X’s School for Gifted Youngsters—Marvel’s take on Andover or Choate—where teachers read minds...

California Drought Could Force Key Water System To Cut Deliveries

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Author: Bettina Boxall

Officials Friday said that for the first time ever, the State Water Project that helps supply a majority of Californians may be unable to make any deliveries except to maintain public health and safety. The prospect of no deliveries from one of the state's key water systems underscores the depth...

Hellish Northridge Earthquake: Is Los Angeles Safer 20 Years Later?

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Author: Becky Oskin - Video

Roaring like a freight train from hell, the Northridge earthquake threw sleeping Angelenos from their beds at 4:31 a.m. on Jan. 17, 1994. The earthquake's shaking was stronger than the force of gravity, lifting furniture off the floor and buildings off their foundations. Los Angeles firefighters watched their massive fire...

Horrific ‘Silent Epidemic’ Is Spreading In The American Southwest

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Every year, there are about 150,000 cases of a disease whose impact in the deserts of the American Southwest "is equal to the impact of polio... before the vaccine," John Galgiani, an infectious-disease physician told Dana Goodyear. Reported cases have increased tenfold between 1998 and 2011, "and in the most...

Former Marine Left His Job To Live Barefoot In The Forest

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Author: Dina Spector - Video

Mick Dodge has been living in the Pacific Northwest's Hoh rain forest for more than a decade. Twenty-five years ago, Mick Dodge left the modern world and ventured into the Hoh rain forest in western Washington state. He's been building his life there ever since, sleeping among trees and moss,...

Life-threatening Cold Settles Over Midwest

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Author: Matt Pearce

The coldest weather in two decades began to settle over the Midwest on Sunday, prompting officials to warn of "life-threatening" temperatures that sent thermometers plunging and Americans scurrying indoors. Schools canceled Monday classes because of the subzero cold, with parts of Minnesota expecting overnight lows of 30 below zero. That...

Virus Kills Over 1,000 Bottlenose Dolphins Along US East Coast

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Author: Barbara Liston

More than 1,000 migratory bottlenose dolphins have died from a measles-like virus along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard in 2013 and the epidemic shows no sign of abating, a marine biologist said on Monday. The death toll exceeds the 740 dolphins killed during the last big outbreak of the then-unknown virus...

95,000 People Without Power In The Northeast Due To Ice Storm

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A winter storm bringing ice and whipping winds to upstate New York and northern Vermont knocked out power to thousands of customers as officials urged motorists to avoid traveling in dangerously slick conditions. More than 95,000 utility customers woke up without power Sunday morning in New York, Vermont and Maine...

The Great American Class War

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Author: Bill Moyers

The promise of the Declaration of Independence still guides us, writes Moyers, even as the battles for true democracy and perils of inequality persist. (Wikimedia commons)I met Supreme Court Justice William Brennan in 1987 when I was creating a series for public television called In Search of the Constitution, celebrating...

Did The US Government Really Shut The Star Gate Project Down?

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Author: Arjun Walia

“Star Gate” is a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) program which involved(s) the use of phenomena that many in the mainstream world still consider non-existent. Project “Star Gate” in particular lasted for 25 years before it was unexpectedly shut down. Much of the material and research from the program still remain...