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Deadly Ice Storm Sweeping US Sees Temperatures Of -29C

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Author: Adam Withnall - Video

A powerful icy storm system is sweeping across the US, resulting in temperatures dropping to -29C and lower as well as deaths, power cuts and massive travel disruption. A severe winter storm warning has been issued by the Government’s National Weather Service, and forecasters say the storm is heading for...

Permit Will Give Wind Farms a 30-Year Pass on Killing Eagles

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Author: Maria L.

In a decision that highlights the clash between two cherished environmental goals — producing green energy and preserving protected wildlife — federal officials announced Friday that some wind power companies will be allowed to kill or injure bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty. Conservation groups...

What Caused the Deadly Midwestern Tornado Outbreak?

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Author: Douglas Main - Video

A slew of tornadoes slammed the state of Illinois and surrounding areas yesterday (Nov. 17), killing six people and damaging or destroying thousands of homes, according to news reports. Eighty-one tornado reports were submitted to the National Weather Service (NWS) yesterday, most of them in the Land of Lincoln, though...

50 Tornadoes Tear Through U.S. Midwest

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Author: Reuters

A fast-moving storm system triggered multiple tornadoes on Sunday that killed at least six people and flattened large parts of a town in Illinois as it tore across the Midwest, authorities said. The tornadoes leveled scores of homes and demolished entire neighborhoods. Some 80 tornado reports were received, along with...