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This is What Happens When a “UFO” is Tracked on Military Radar

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Author: Collective Evolution

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are grabbing the attention of more people everyday, and for good reason. Obviously, if there are unknown objects in the sky, military/defence organizations will see them on radar, along with other organizations that monitor air traffic, like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This happens on a...

“At Least 4 Known Alien Species Have Been Visiting Earth For Thousands Of Years”

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Author: Arjun Walia

I am well aware that just because somebody (no matter what their ‘position’) says something to be true, does not mean it’s true. Exceptions, however can be made if there is evidence that goes beyond their words and correlates with what they say. At the end of the day, you...

Peru’s Air Force Reopens UFO Investigations Office

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Author: Dan Collyns

1963 picture purportedly showing a UFO in New Mexico
Peru's air force is reopening an office Peru's air force responsible for investigating UFOs due to "increased sightings of anomalous aerial phenomena" in the country's skies. The Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (DIFAA), first created in 2001, is being revived after lying formant for five years because more UFO...

British Scientists Claim To Have Proof of Alien Life

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Author: Tom Mendelsohn

A team of British scientists is convinced it has found proof of alien life, after it harvested strange particles from the edge of space. The scientists sent a balloon 27km into the stratosphere, which came back carrying small biological organisms which they believe can only have originated from space. Professor...

Footprints in Rock Evidence of Ancient People From Sky?

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Author: Venus Upadhayaya

A quaint village in central India has fueled some Facebook discussion on ancient foot prints and an engraved image of a mysterious flying object. In Piska Nagri village, on the outskirts of Ranchi City in Jharkahnd State, geologist Nitish Priyadarshi has been studying large footprints that, according to local lore,...

Strange Things in the Sky

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Author: Jason Offut

Human beings have always seen unidentified objects in the sky. From the prophet Ezekiel’s sighting of a flying wheel in 593 B.C., to the 1561 A.D. Battle over Nuremberg, Germany, to Kenneth Arnold’s “pie plate” UFOs spotted near Mt. Rainer, Washington, in June 1947, there are things above our heads...

UFO Sightings Have Doubled in Canada

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Author: Leslie Scrivener

How to explain the stunning increase in UFO reports — all those humming, blinking, blinding lights — which have more than doubled in Canada in the last year? Are observers simply seeing the orange glow of Chinese lanterns floating aloft? Are they inspired by guitar-strumming Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to...

UFOs ‘Roam Our Skies’ Says Former US Air Force Intelligence Officer

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Author: Shar Adams

A former U.S. Air Force major with 5,000 flying hours described in detail his encounter with an UFO, telling former members of Congress at a hearing on extraterrestrial sightings that he has been interested in UFOs ever since. “These space craft occasionally roam our skies and my theory is they...

An Alien Base in Alaska?

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Author: Jim Schnabel

In his 1997 book Remote Viewers, Jim Schnabel told the story of the U.S. Intelligence community’s involvement in the controversial issue of psychic spying that largely began in the early-to-mid 1970s. Commenting on the skills of a talented remote-viewer in relation to matters of a UFO nature, one Pat Price, Schnabel noted...

UFOs Sighted Above World’s Largest Oil Refinery In India

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Author: Amitav Ranjan

One evening a little over a fortnight ago, a mysterious illuminated object appeared without warning in the dark sky above the world's largest oil refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat. It circled over the complex before disappearing just as suddenly as it had appeared. Three days later, the object returned, this time...