Chiron – Shaman of the Skies

I talked in ‘Living in an Ensouled Universe’ about the energetic imprint we each receive from the stars (shorthand for Sun, Moon and planets) at our birth, by way of electromagnetic energy affecting our energy fields.

As well as our unique natal pattern of cosmic energy, we are each participants in the moving feast of energies impacting our Earth’s field – and thus experiencing life here, now, as a collective. We are all, our planet and ourselves involved in an evolutionary journey – and it is an evolution of consciousness.

Chiron, discovered in 1977 between Saturn and Uranus and named after the centaur of Greek mythology – the half man, half horse, ‘wounded healer’ – is an interesting player on the astrological stage and one worth meditating on in these chaotic times in which we find ourselves. In the myth, Chiron was wounded by Hercules by accident and could not heal his wound.

He went on to use his own wounding to help heal others. The congruence with which Chiron, the celestial body, was named and the subsequent empirical observation of its ‘effects’ – as an agent of both wounding and healing (individually and collectively) – is quite extraordinary. But then, there are no accidents.

The astronomical universe tells the story of human consciousness. Each ‘new discovery’ in the heavens, we have come to realize, signifies the opening of a new portal of awareness within our consciousness. ‘Events’ – the outward manifestation of inner openings in awareness, begin to occur in the material world. Life in this realm shifts, and personally and collectively we all dance to the same synchronistic beat.

When Chiron was discovered, in November 1977, the opening that occurred constellated, as mentioned, around the theme of wounding and healing. Holistic healing, alternative healing, Shamanism, and a massive re-invigoration of personal responsibility in the arena of health and healing, burst onto the scene.

We became interested in the mind/body connection and the impact of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, as well as our dietary and lifestyle choices, on our physical health. Obviously this knowledge, or awareness, was nothing new, with herbalism, naturopathy and Shamanism being ancient arts. But what Chiron did, was bring this awareness out of the shadows and into the everyday lives of ordinary people. (These things take a while). Chiron’s emergence signified a new beginning in the healing of the self and the Soul.

Chiron’s orbit allows it to criss-cross with the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, creating a bridge of
‘orbital harmonic resonances’ between Saturn’s frequency: fear, limitation, control, authority, rigidity – the world of matter, and Uranus’ frequency: revolution, change, freedom – awakening from the illusion – the world of spirit. Chiron’s mission appears then to be about a process of healing the rift in our consciousness that these two, very different vibrational energies have evoked – somehow integrating both – matter and spirit.

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