Create a Wonderful Night

Set aside the Christmas for whatever wrong reasons: Blind consumerism, fake tradition and whatever the vibe is. We need to understand generosity is so much more than the ‘Walmart mindset’ and go generous in our spirits.

Christmas will manifest a mystical healing vortex, like Easter does, only opposite to Easter, this is a toning of joy that opens up around Solstice and fades out around New Years Eve.

Whether we´re into it or not, most people feel it in their etherical field. They feel uplifted; some feeling pristine and renewed Christmas day, some feeling the vibe of a ‘restart’ of the emotional software that’s been worn out, maybe weary from a year of personal trials.

Had a good year, or what we prefer to define as a good year, since a year of trials, often seen as a bad thing, maybe should be seen as a good year for learning, and you will have your energy boosted too.

Maybe some will push it away on the account of being ‘awakened’.
No one is ever too awakened to submit to joy and gratefulness. If they can’t submit to that and only see the downside to it, they miss a really good opportunity to go riding with the collective vibe of joy and hope. Fighting it will only fuel frustrations and as said: There are events, celestial or mundane that have a tremendous impact on the field of consciousness that surrounds this planet, usually pulsing every day with new horrors, new shocks, and very, very rarely with a pulse of joy, gratitude and hope.

There are no other events that ignite that as in solstice and the birth of Jesus. It is no coincidence that they are almost synchronistic. Take the argument that the birth of Jesus is conveniently placed near solstice, it really doesn’t matter on a metaphysical level. Embed both of them, since only the limited mind sees separation.

The impact is still there and the one event fuels the other.

We can use these metaphysics to enter The Silent Night, since gratefulness is silent and hope makes even lesser noise. It’s gratitude in its right element and through that field of consciousness  we can touch.

As we touch, we touch that room in us and it unfolds. The wisdom embedded in the heart.

We touch that room in others, friends, our loved ones and we know, in the midst of the fighting, that Good will prevail.

Naive. No. Hopeful. Yes.

We might stand in the kitchen on Christmas Eve, and we might hear children laughing just for the joy of it all.

We know we belong. Our true home is somewhere else, but we are here in the flesh and if we become to weary to that fact, we miss our true purpose here: Bringing that toning into the lives we live and the people that we love so dearly in it. Ego issues be gone a bit:

We cannot change the people we have around us, but for a bit of time we can change our perspective towards them. Step out of the opinionated Ego and let it go: Give It Up.

We hear the laughter of the promise of a new dawn.

We can disappear into gratefulness and let it fill us up.

Still riding the wave of that moment in time and the Holy Vortex of Christmas/Solstice we enter a newer year where we sure can doubt if Christmas time is up again  in a world that crosses the edge of sanity on a daily basis.

I believe it will be.

The healing vortex:

To tune in to the field I describe, and reset, just lie on your back before bedtime – empty the mind – and let people you love/loved (that are not here), come to you.

When you do it, do it with a delicate vibe of gratitude and don’t make a sound.

Let the soul be still. Silence it.

So this night, embrace it all: The eternally complaining cousin, the self-victimising aunt and what have we, and go into acceptance. Maybe Christmas isn’t a night for therapy and we probably are already very weird in their eyes anyway. So just dodge whatever bullet they shoot at you. If you don’t, it will not be a silent night and this is time to reconcile anyway.

Go for Unity.

Feel the love, embrace the Authentic Self in you and let it shine. If we can’t forget our struggling on a Celestial Night, whether it be Solstice or Christmas, our eyes have not yet opened and we paint the world into bleak and black only.

Kick back, chill, enjoy, eat, drink, love. Create a wonderful night and feel the warmth beside you.

© 2016 Soren Dreier –  Full repost only with permission.

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