Divorcing The Love Conditioning In Morph City

The Matrix conditioning would expect you to feel pain, devastation and even victimized if your relationship is about to crack. Add a few teaspoons of hate to that condition, combined with a touch of jealousy and a sweet sweet sprinkle of vengeance. That would kind of be what we are programmed to feel, if our partner wants to disengage.

If it’s you that wants to disengage, you are supposed to feel guilty by default, and that will often leave you in a zombified state, where you cannot act, because you feel sorry for your partner. Ah, you’re so skilled in partnership that you feel your partner’s pain. Really? Could it be the acquired helplessness kicking in?

So the matrix condition is: Feel victimized or victimize your partner.

Since the love zapper in the higher altitudes is very much turned on and pointing to the heart people, they are morphing into what I label a “Rumi State Of Mind”.

That Rumi State Of Mind is a field that we can tap into. But there’s a: but. Only if you have felt it, and not taking Rumi in as just pretty poetry.

That really goes for most esoteric knowledge, going parrot mode, and repeating something we don’t understand in depth. We have to embed the esoteric.

I go a little Deepak Chopra, since I´m addressing Rumi.

Love is quantum mechanics. It´s a vibrant field and I could suppose Deepak would go: “ Yes love is very interesting, two quantum fields merging in ecstatic passion”. Deepak’ian for relationships.

Rumi really holds the key to the quantum field of romantic love morphing its way to the Heart People.

When we Morph out of the “Victimizing-double-bind “ hostage situation, we will actually realize that the only principle in the new coordinates will be the quantum leap which will trigger the duality of “The matrix of giving and receiving”.

Duality has to be united, before anything makes sense during this collective shift, because the shift is transcending boundaries at all levels. The quantum field uniting the giver and the receiver will slowly evaporate into: Giving. Yes, the key to The Shift. Cool.

It triggers pure unconditioned giving. And if you use that and you or your partner has a hard time dealing with it, it makes sense. Because receiving seems to be so difficult when morphing into that quantum field.

I mentioned the Givers and the Takers in The Heart People. The Givers are strangers to receiving, but still supporting the equation: “What you send out in this world, you will attract”. Or: “Where attention goes energy flows”. It becomes a spiritual contradiction.

So if you are a giver and wonder: Why the hell isn’t the universe providing? Well, open your heart, “I´m” coming home! If you’re a giver and cannot cope with receiving, you are only standing on one leg. So easily knocked over.

In a “Rumi State of Mind” you want to give and you will attract what has been seeking you. But never from a non receiving position! You will have to work on that.
If you open up to it, you can’t dodge it, it’s way too strong. You can dive in or take the exit. But it will hit you and the impact will go through eons of time, since it came from the source code within you.

If you’re in this kind of relationship morphing into love all-inclusive and your lover wants to bail out, you grant that. Because you are your lover. If you love your partner at that level, you got to love your partners decisions too, even though you may not like them, since lover and loved one has: emerged.

Don’t go the low vibrational victimizing state and take your partner hostage. That obviously is not love. In the matrix it is, with its love deception software, as mentioned.

The matrix considers love to be a feeling, it is not at this level – it’s a skill that only wants to give. Well knowing that even the matrix of giving and receiving has been illuminated, you will still give your partner that freedom of choice, knowing that if you in anyway limit your partner from expressing the life force within, for whatever reasons, mundane or spiritual – you would only limit yourself.

And the Matrix hand rubbing therapist auto response pilot goes: “OH, what about the children?” Eagerly looking for victimization, since it’s the only thing that it understands. There’s got to be some bloody casualties or collateral damage!!

No there’s not- the kids are good, you’re good and your love is good, and it was magnetized so maybe your partner will rebound.

You gave your love, didn’t you. How by any means, could that be painful? Wasn’t it a joy?

Attach, detach or reattach. It’s all experiences, not to be taken lightly though.

They are some of the most transforming gifts we will ever receive. Use the Heart and let go of the programming.

“Be the water, not the container”

©2012-14 Soren Dreier / Full repost only with permission.