I’m Spiritually Pissed on a High Frequency Level

As my friend Mr. Jeff Rense points to, we’re not well off globally.
Jeff is most concerned about Fukushima, and we all should be. Jeff has the ability like no one else to ‘bite’ into the essence and hold his grip, and he keeps pushing headlines on rense.com that target Fukushima.

That is the determination needed if we want any change in a world with a conditioned attention span… look, there’s Miley Cyrus… look, there’s Justin Bieber and… who really gives a shit.

Few realize the magnitude. This is not an immediate inconvenience – we’re talking thousands of years of pollution here and our great grandchildren being born with six legs.

What’s the world concerned about?

ISIS. As I touched upon before, ISIS is bullshit covered in weird bandanas. Decapitating this, raping that, shooting them, hanging those and now with bases in Mexico. What? Hardly for obvious reasons.

Cameron and The Drone King go on vacation, and the newspapers ask: “What are they thinking,  ISIS ‘TERROR’ and ‘world leaders on vacation”.
Both Zionist controlled morons know that ISIS is homegrown by the Mossad and the CIA and everything is as it should be, so no reason to stay in office. And when I’m at it, both dysfunctional Rothschild employees, aren’t running anything anyhow, so I really wouldn’t mind if they stayed away. Let us see the real faces of those in power.

As you may have noticed, I don’t bring ISIS headlines on this site. I will not fuel it.

The Ukrainian politicians are shouting/pleading for a war with Russia. Are they fucking out of their minds? They’re too goddamn stupid to realize that they are laying the blueprint for WW3, or did the Zionist Rothschild’s call a favor. Yup, both are valid arguments.

This world ain’t no country for the ‘international society’, which I would think in a better world, would be targeting Fukushima as world priority number one. But nobody really cares. That’s how destructive the powers that be are.

There is no international society.
When highly paid Rothschild prostitutes talk of an ‘international society’, they mean NATO. The head of NATO, ‘Mr. Rasmussen’ is a butt sniffing bacteriophobic puddle, who got his job by romancing Bush and Blair by joining their illegal war against Saddam Hussein. Can’t believe they still aren’t doing time and getting water boarded in The Congo or something.

So the international society is a psychopathic entity engaged in destroying the planet. I’m sure you have heard that before, but the whittle of evidence only gets stronger by the day.
Their aim is not in anyway to ‘save the planet’, but to elliminate it and cripple it.
They can’t even point to global warming anymore since their version of ‘saving the planet’ from that hoax, only has to do with taxing people into poverty. Big industry doesn’t give a shit and you should feel guilty for keeping the lights on at night.
All lights on! We’re being conned into darkness.

Fukushima is real and the greatest threat to humanity since: I really don’t know. Second comes indifference. Age of enlightenment as a collective society. Are you kidding me?

There’s is no surveillance money to be made out of Fukushima, only sea life as we know it, and who gives a fuck about that other than romantic Gaia-weed-smoking-hippie types strung out on Afghan Kush?

There is no enemy picture in Fukushima and thereby no tightening of peaceful citizens’ freedom of speech, assembly and confiscation of passports of those ‘who act suspicious’.

There is no collective scare, and that is really contradictive since there should be, for the mainstream media to push down your throat with the evening coffee.

They simply don’t give a flying fuck – because it does not divide this world into: ‘them and us’ and it cannot be used for primitive measurements of population control.

Are they in for a surprise! It’s all about: US, and thereby them.

Fukushima could very well blow up in their face and make their ignorance blatantly obvious if it isn’t already.

So I need to advise the Matrix here: If you don’t want to look any more retarded than you already do, clean the god damn thing up and then pursue your poorly hidden agendas.

I mean the EU is sanctioning Russia again, even though the prior sanctions only backfired and left the UK dairy industry in ruins. Self-destructive? Take a wild guess. Pouring even more thousands of the unemployed into the streets of EU and USA and then blaming them because they don’t have work and punishing them for being free-loaders, and spiking the pavements where the homeless sleep.

I’m spiritually pissed on a high frequency level.

Folks are getting both the real blues and real clarity now.

The Matrix or The Control System has painted the picture so obvious that even the sleeping see it in their self-induced comatosed state of mind.

That’s the beauty of the Matrix… it isn’t that clever.
Its getting desperate, that’s why they Mossaded the ISIS-lie God knows where. Probably the last Bilderberg assembly, did you notice the timing?. Catering, hookers and little boys were delivered by courtesy of the Rothschilds.

Sometimes in my dark hours I wonder: What’s the end of this?

There ain’t no spaceship going to pick you up, that’s Archon deception.

There ain’t no Jesus going to come from the skies, another Archon programming.

There’s ‘only’ you, me and the forces of light and we have to find our way in this maze of Matrixes.

Point to it – point at them.

We are still some on this road singing:

‘And so it was
That I came to travel
Upon a road
That was horned and narrow
Another place
Another grace
Would save me’

We have to manifest that place and grace and we haven’t quite started yet.

When we set out we will be a fierce force and we will show them the mercy they deserve and we will conquer this planet back in the ambience of the dignity that it deserves.

© 2014 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

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