Eyes Will Adjust – We Shall Find

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Author: Soren Dreier


A Sufi tale: In a Moroccan town square at night, a man searched for something under a lamp post.

He searched all night and did not find what he’s looking for. Another man who was sitting in a café observing him, crossed over the square and approached him, he asked: – What are you looking for, my friend.

The man looked up and said: – Yes I know. I lost the keys to my house and can’t seem to find them.

The stranger said: – Why do you think they are under the lamp?

And the man followed the stranger into the square in search for his keys. We often look for solutions where we think they would obviously be. Inside our comfort zones.

If we keep looking in that place, we won’t find anything, anymore.

Eyes will adjust and we shall find.

© 2013 Soren Dreier (Reposted)

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