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False Conflicts Entering the Vulnerability Zone

It should be no mystery that the System uses false conflict all the time to divert our attention and to divide and conquer, create panic and distortion, make enemies that are really not there and basically to keep people on the edge of this and that. The Russian CNN fiasco got exposed and as I hinted in the last post, people are becoming more and more clear-minded about that. These diversions are known as False Flags.

As in the big picture so in the smaller picture of our own lives, we are also exposed to targeting by False Flags or False Conflicts.

I get a lot of them due to my work which includes running a website and expressing myself in a public room. Some is paid opposition, meaning that the System has paid trolls to attack what the System doesn’t like. That is one thing. Then there are trolls, maybe with nothing better to do than just steal your time. I long ago stopped answering those, and after the expected answer does not manifest, they just call me arrogant.

I can give you two examples:

A very long email about me being paid opposition since the word ‘Inca’, is in one post spelled ‘Inka’; a word that apparently sent that reader into a spin. Well, I didn’t write that article, and if the author spells it that way, it’s his choice. I´m not a grammar teacher and he´s not my student.

Another one: I´m clearly worried about you. In your contact form, it says: “prove that you are human,” which make me think….

I actually answered that one: Well, if a standard anti-spam filter phrase can put you off, maybe there’s not that much to worry about in my end.

It obviously has to do with jumping to conclusions so much bigger than the importance of the problem, and it also is very ‘stealth intimidating’. It’s a False Conflict where you can defend yourself from here on into eternity. I have no interest in defending something that is not my doing; it’s time consuming and it leads nowhere.

What’s interesting about this is that as we go along on the long journey toward Self, these False Conflicts will come crawling out of the woodwork… that being the practical, spiritual or emotional woodwork of our lives. It’s all agendas to take us away from the path we finally found, to steal our energy, design a disbelief in ourselves, pull us back into their comfort zone not ours: don’t plug into it.

Don’t use up your fragile energy on that, and I mean fragile since that is the state we´re in when we take the Red Pill and begin to see through the veil of illusions that were pulled before our eyes. If you have done so, you will know that empowerment steps in, but before that we are very fragile because we are changing everything in us: Our view of the world, our emotional, spiritual and mundane software so to speak. When that is collected we become stronger than ever.

But the gap is there between those states of being, and they will exploit it. Some with very bad motives, others with just feeling awkward with the changes we implement in and onto our lives.

As said in the Matrix movie: If you take the red pill – there is no turning back. That is actually true if we conquered that gap, but as said, it’s a bit freighting being in the gap since it requires all our courage and now we have to deal with people, maybe very close to us, who see us as sitting ducks (which we in some way are) since we´re not on the other side yet. In all honesty: It would be such a relief to go full Amnesia driven (like them?) in order to settle all our nervous systems, for a bit of long wanted tranquility.

Delicate people, very delicate process, also because this comes from friends, loved ones, partners, and involves our emotional comfort zone towards them or society (the System) in general.

We have to be so strong even in our frailest of moments.

The moment we start to defend ourselves and our right to go where our souls pull us, we lose energy. Precious energy and we always have to guard it as if our lives depended on it. And it does, is the feeling we get. Eyes finally opening and here come the blindfolds. No way, anymore.

The False conflicts will arrive and be woven not from our quest, which is our most important agenda, and not from the stuff others have on it. The only trap we have on our way toward our goal is if we start to preach our views as the only valid ones and theirs to be false. Then we are responsible for the attacks, since, we ignited them. We came down hard on life in the System and how wrong they are! Never go there!

A Walk Away from such people is very honest, and the argument of: Why do you feel it’s important for you to control what I think and do? Is much better. If the latter doesn’t stop them, the Walk Away is a reality, since their goal is to basically take the attention. As said earlier: Our attention is the most powerful tool we have – that is why everybody wants it. Often we walk away with a bleeding heart, since ‘look back in anger’ might be a short-term solution, but not valid in the long run. Looking back in anger is not understanding why and where we came from.

Many walking the path outside the System, speak of forgiveness. I understand that up to a certain point since the Matrix of forgiveness is: If you do not blame anybody there is no need to forgive.

Forgiveness is an emotional thing, and emotions are mostly illusions in the swing of a pendulum. The flip sided coin. We have to go from emotions to states of mind, to see through the Maya (illusion) of emotions. States of mind such as: neutrality, happiness, love, and you probably know someone caught up in the state of mind of depression and hate, not our thing, but we also have to clear out those realms within ourselves.

What people do not generally see is that when we are some miles down the road of spiritual fulfillment, going of our own accord and not just mimicking others, we need to own those negative states in ourselves too, and not feel they are something ‘unspiritual’ in our own design.

So, the best thing is to step out of emotions and connect with our willpower and simply neutralize those feelings; the sentimental ones and what we see as negative emotions. Before we can neutralize them, we have to own them in order not to make a spiritual over jump or bypass on them. If we do, they will still live in us.

Often, when we are exposed to false conflicts in our private sphere, the attackers can come in via those ‘dormant’ emotions and this is where we feel we need to respond.

We really don’t.

Get neutral. Do not care. Stay in your energy pilgrim, if it’s a False Conflict.

The way to spot a False Conflict is if it’s based on a lie. They attack you, and you know the attack is based on misconception, hence the start of this post. You do not need to respond, because in order to set it right something’s got to give. It can’t be you. And it sure can’t be them. So, there’s no point in going into it.

You don’t want to change them, remember, they want to change you. But you have worked so hard and no one else is traveling your specific road, and there are great inspirations and guidelines out there from spiritually sober people who are not in it for the glory, power over souls and what have we, but genuine struggling people caught up into the buzz of the mundane and a fair alignment to the celestial. Judge them by the amount of their do’s and don’ts. If there are too many, run like hell. They are preying on the gap of vulnerability.

It is not the same as giving people the silent treatment. It’s a self-protecting thing to do. So, my advice: Do not engage in these lies based on conflicts based on misperception. It will wear you out, no matter how you are connected to these people.

Then there is the Zone where we have the need to respond. The way to spot that is to look at what emotions these people raise in you. If we clearly love them and we really treasure them, we need to put things into perspective for them, since the problem is that they could be right. And now it gets a bit tricky. Because their concern for us is love-based and thereby based on the truth and we are interested in truth.

Concern is not the same as being ‘over concerned’, which is lie-based and often manipulative, and love is not the same as sentimentality.

In that case, when it comes out of the very clear waters of love, we need to openly debunk our own needs, since we feel the pull of the Red Pill, and we need to debunk their concerns in the open and with mutual respect. That is a dialogue, and it can often be solved with a treaty of: I need to follow my inner calling and you are following yours, and I respect that. Can we leave it at that?

It’s a very non-aggressive process. Do not accept being diagnosed in any form. People are terrible at that. When we diagnose each other, we are speaking jackal language to a giraffe. The giraffe is the creature with feet on the ground that can see the furthest on the savanna and it has the biggest heart in order to pump the blood around. (Non-Violent Communication).

When I set out for this amazing journey that picture somehow helped me a lot.

We can be accused of many things, since we are decent people who like to treat others with politeness unless our boundaries, our deal breaker borders are challenged. It took us so long to find them, but we did, and we can’t afford too many holes or poor construction in the walls we have to set up, which would be a lot at the start of the journey and fewer as we proceed.

False Conflict will cost you too much emotional teeth grinding, and it’s maybe better to take a misunderstood swing at the rotten tomatoes thrown at us, than none at all. It’s a Spiritual Warrior thing, and in order to call ourselves that we need to practice and master the warrior within. That is why they see you as fair game.

That you are not!

Before maybe, now: Never.

Flip that coin. That is the metaphysical reason that these people are in your life. They are teaching you to see who and what is worth fighting and what is not.

Much Love.

© 2017 Soren Dreier – Full repost only with permission

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