Fukushima – Deadly Silence

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Author: Chautauqua


We all know what happened on April 11, 2011 – a massive earthquake/tsunami combination punch knocked out the reactors at the Fukushimi-Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

Indeed at first there were scattered, speculative reports coming in regarding the spread of radioactive fallout and contamination; so of course the first thing the American government did in response was to shut down most if not all of the radiation detectors up & down the west coast.

At the time, almost two and a half years ago; I saw this as a dark omen of things to come, and each month since has only deepened that ominous feeling.  Those of us old enough to fully comprehend the inherent dangers of nuclear radiation and fallout could not help but to develop a huge knot in the pit of our stomachs as we watched the authorities everywhere furtively scurrying about – trying to sweep the whole mess under the rug.

Soon after the disaster happened a web site sprung up with daily monitoring of the radiation plume coming from Fukushima.  Naturally, that site was scrubbed off the internet almost immediately, but not before many of us got the images saved to hard drives.

Unlike with the Chernobyl disaster in Russia, entombing the reactors in concrete is not feasible in this case on account of the location being right on the coast; and there it is folks, the genie is out of the bottle and cannot EVER be put back in.

We lack the technology to fix this growing planetary disaster.  We don’t know how to stop it ~ and so they just let it continue to spew deadly radioactive isotopes into the air, as they continue to dump millions of gallons of radioactive waste water directly into the pacific ocean in flagrant violation of international law, and environmental treaties.  And the world media is nearly silent.

Wouldn’t you think that this story would be top of every news cycle until it was fixed?  Not on this prison planet.  The subject is on the taboo list right along with the ongoing oil leaking in the gulf, and chemtrails in our skies.

Our keepers just keep it out of the news, knowing that the soon to be extinct American Ostrich will obediently keep ignoring it as well, pretending the problem is solved even though we know better.

In the natural world when most animals sense or see an imminent threat to its life it either runs away to safety, or stands it’s ground and fights.

Not us.  We just go on about our little robot lives with that thousand yard stare of cognitive dissonance, because we know there is nowhere to run from the Fukushima monster; and we know not how to fight it when all the worlds governments are so strangely silent and sitting on their collective hands.

What insane madness is this?  Can we all not clearly see by this late date that the frog or lobster in the simmering pot, is US??  Instead of filling the streets with protests large enough to strangle commerce & transportation,  we join in the deafening silence about Fukushima radiation, and create elaborate psychological scenarios for ourselves to justify not only our silence, but our continued consumption of seafood from the pacific ocean, as well as GMO food-like-products from Monsanto.

We convince ourselves somehow that if we can just ignore it strongly enough the whole problem will just vanish into thin air.  Life doesn’t work like that, and we know this, yet, indulge in this planetary denial just the same.  This then indeed seems to me, a most special and rewarding sort of madness.

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