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A Wounded and Weary Warrior

I joined Soren’s guidance programme four months ago and in that timeframe I have received huge value and clarification regarding my life direction. I am well used to seeking guidance and different kinds of therapy online as well as face to face, but out of all the helpful experiences I have had along the way, Soren’s guidance stands out in a league of its own.

I approached Soren for guidance at a very low point in my life after experiencing the hardest and most traumatic experiences of my life. Soren’s guidance enabled me to make key, important decisions that I knew I had to make at an intuitive level, though without the guidance I would have doubted myself due to being at a very low point and would probably not have followed through with what I needed to do.

A low point in which I had been drained as a result of losing my path and having been prayed upon my numerous predators. Honestly, my life had turned into a soap opera until I started the guidance sessions and began to back on track. Slowly now I am building up again and I can see clearly the steps I have to take towards a healthy and happy future.

In my experience, Soren’s guidance is very practical and grounded and I value this above all about his way of doing things. He doesn’t sugar-coat his opinions or intuitions or give any new-agey advice, and this is what I need personally as a wounded and weary warrior.

I highly recommend Soren’s guidance and think the value I have received outstrips anyone else I have ever worked with. In fact I think he should increase his prices times three and then some.

Above all, Soren stands out to me as a real person that you can connect with, who doesn’t wear a mask, and who you can truly trust.

Jade – UK.
July 2017
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