How Britain is Still Being Run By a Private School Elite

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Author: Emma Reynolds


Eton accounts for four per cent of most successful figures, including David Cameron
Only 10 per cent of most important people in UK went to a comprehensive
Almost a third went to Oxbridge for university
Almost of half of those who hold important roles within British society were educated at elite private schools, a study shows.
A huge 44 per cent of those at the top of their profession in the arts, business, education, civil service and the media attended a fee-paying school.
This is despite the fact that only around seven per cent of children in the UK receive a private education.

The data released by the Sutton Trust shows that just ten exclusive schools account for 12 per cent of society’s most important figures.

Eton College alone made up four per cent of the 7,637 well-known people on whom the survey was based, with influential Britons from prime minister David Cameron to actor Hugh Laurie attending the school.

Other schools with the highest number of successful old pupils include Harrow – attended by actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Wellington College – attended by Rory Bremner and Charterhouse School – attended by Jonathan and David Dimbleby.
Broadcasters Jon Snow and Davina McCall went to private schools, as did musicians Pixie Lott and Florence Welch and sportsmen Chris Hoy and Frank Lampard.

A further 27 per cent of high achievers went to grammar schools, including Paul McCartney, Emma Thompson and football manager Martin O’Neill – although many academically selective schools have now been abolished.
Just 10 per cent of our top achiever went to comprehensives. This small set includesactor Daniel Craig, Keira Knightley, Robbie Williams, Jessica Ennis and Robert Peston.

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