‘I’m So Proud to Be Hetero!’ Revisited

In times where being gay looks good on your resume, especially if you are targeting the media, tech industries, an acting career and what have we, I would like to state that: I am as hetero as they come! Finally, I said it – I’m out of the closet – now, alert the Media, make me A-List famous, on an agenda that I normally – but the new normal is bent, twisted and curved – don’t see as a problem.

I don’t plan any sex change operation, handled by the media, promoted by the media and absorbed like the flesh-dish of the day with an after dinner mint on the late night news.

I am tired of it. The massive marketing! – doesn’t anybody in the gay society fear that they already are yesterday’s news, and where to turn to get the next attention high.

Well, Big Science is manufacturing artificial skin and full facial transplant. Go Rainbow Gender – Bender revolution!
Soros will pay the medicals.

Straight cutting edge apparently boring un-normal folks are somehow left bewildered as to what is really going on.

What is going on?

As said I don’t see being gay as a problem. I certainly don’t see being gay as something special, and for the much hyped gender switching, well, it just makes me sad since its all about appearances, at least that is what the mainstream media promotes, and that’s not determining who you really are inside, is it?

If it is, somebody’s going through a lot of pain in order to switch their sex, finding out that it has nothing to do with identity after all – we are who we are – and to comes to terms with that is an internal movement, an alchemistic wedding, between the masculine and the feminine poles we all have inside.

Once that is settled, and you really can’t live with yourself in the body of a man because you would rather have the body of a woman, well, it will ease no pain.

So: The Gods, The Universe, Creation made a horrible personal mistake with you and gave you a body of a gender you do not want to be. Because that is where this is heading.

Seen from a spiritual perspective it really doesn’t make any sense, not one spiritual millimeter.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, got awfully girly offended when appearing on a TV Show where the host assumed everybody knew Tim was gay. If looks could have killed. Then he might have taken the decision to ‘come out of the closet’ – now that it came out anyway.

“I´m proud to be gay,” – Tim stated.

He recently did some Apple promoting tours to countries where being gay is lethal, and the gay community still praises him. Ehh? The more the merrier. Really?

And what the hell closet are we talking about? The closet of forbidden desire. That closet is long gone, my friends. I even called IKEA.

What I care about is that people, straight, gay, gender shifting or whatever, are being used in a sick agenda.

Here is the mechanics in that:

Let me compare it to the anti/pro Muslim hype.
The social architects in the media are well aware of the Critical Mass response. Which means basically and very simply put: That the more they mention the integration problems with Muslims across all the media platforms, it’s so massive folks, people will wear down. While, and this is important, the same media tells you that you’re a racist asshole because you resent them. That’s the trap – that’s the construct.

It’s like talking to a bipolar aunt: ‘I’m afraid of heights – I love flying.’

So the mainstream media is giving everybody, gay folks included, a solid mind-screw while dissolving any moral or ethical compass in the final days of the Kali – Yuga.

It saddens me that the gay community doesn’t see that, and they deliver themselves as cannon fodder on a daily basis.

It saddens me that the straight community goes into that trap of media mind fuck and really have to bend their own compass in order not to stand out and endorse something that is very far from their own reality. That would be like asking a biased gay couple to promote straightness. Awkward.

It saddens me that the youth – young people – might be seduced into feeling, well, I’ve got a cutting edge chance here of being special as required by the Media, since this generation is all about selfie attention, Facebook trendiness and: “Lets digitalize this moment.” And apparently with the attention span of a goldfish. As an example – this is the winner of the European song contest – which targets the youth.


Cute little role model for preteens ei?
Dear teen – anything here that could be confusing? And before you even answer that – know that the school system you’re in, endorses this. Or the Media will come down hard. They don’t dare to contradict the hype on account of being intolerant.
If you go: What the hell is sheheheshe? You are one judgemental kid! Gosh.

The world is full of gay in the open cross-dressing politicians anyway, who promote laws for their handlers where small children are not allowed to refer to their friends as a ‘he’ or ‘she’ anymore… talk about adding to the confusion?

I think so.

We have the same idiotic bureaucrats (politicians), gay or straight, micromanaging the population anyway, with their greasy little fat fingers in everyday aspects of the population, so why not micromanage which sex it’s trendy to fall into the hot sheets with.

One thing is for certain here: I´m being very politically incorrect and will probably be picked up as ol’ testament doom and gloom. So disclaimer: I really don’t mind. And (some of my best friends are gay). No they are not. I know a lot of gay folks and blah, blah, blah…

It is always a choice whether to put your sexuality on display and join the tribe.

When people do that, it is because they might well be insecure and seek the protection of the tribe, and now they seek the protection of the Media by having them endorse their choices. Forget it – the Media will never do that – the Media don’t care really. They are bought and paid for to stir up any decent compass we have set as a standard for morality.

I mentioned before Ethics – The Media don’t have it, can’t have it – that is why Ethics and Media don’t go well in the same sentence.

They want the Mechanics of resentment-acceptance and they want to disrupt the masculine and the feminine poles so nobody can tell.

Let me point to Shia LaBeouf: When I watched that tube I thought – cool – what a display of testosterone-driven masculine energy, put out there in the raw. Brave. And he got ridiculed. Of course he did – sign of the times.

He reminded me a bit of Jim Morrison’s attitude in: An American Prayer. Both cut deep into the matrix with insight and softness, that’s the alchemy, that’s the spirituality in this. Men have become so afraid of that.

This world has a very confused take on love – because it doesn’t know what love is, it knows hate, it knows divide an conquer. It’s so confused, twisted and wicked that the political entity really can’t investigate paedophilia in parliament and the Catholic church has similar problems.

It is so confused that high school students in times of austerity are selling themselves on the highway systems of Europe for like $20.

No matter what your preferences are – we´re all fucked. And that is the real closet of entrapment. Not this shit.

The most beautiful love we will encounter on this planet is subtle in its essence. That is why it stays beautiful and doesn’t wear out like yesterdays genderbending pinup of the day.

Be proud of… the quiet love. The true nature of love. Whispering sweet nothings in the still of the night. It doesn’t need outside attention.

Women might fear the Masculine, Men might fear the Feminine, so maybe not fight it, it cannot be done.
Merge with it and one will see that it is all a matter of Wholeness, in a world division driven.

©2015 Soren Dreier / Full repost only with permission.

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