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Author: Soren Dreier


Are we about to be disconnected? Was that the plan?

Hate to trouble you with this, but todays : “Solar Explosions Now On Official Register As Threat To The Security Of Hi-Tech Britain” story made me rethink something I wrote in 2008.

Solar X-Ray Flares

After the peak of the last eleven-year sunspot cycle in 1999, the sun has had a number of extremely large x-ray flare events.
One of these, on April 2, 2001, was so large that it went off the scale completely. The previous scale ran to X-20 as the highest category, but this solar flare had to be categorized as an X-22 event.
The x-ray burst was not in the direction of Earth, but a much smaller x-ray flare in 1989 was responsible for knocking out the whole Canadian power grid. If the X-22 event had hit Earth, possible consequences could have included major power outages, interruption of the Internet, damage to telecommunications and GPS satellites, and even the wiping of computer hard drives.
The most powerful flare observed since then happened on November 4, 2003. It lasted eleven minutes and produced an x-ray flux of X-28.

The scheme:

Pretty much over the last years everything is now connected and chipped.

Social networks have become the new way of keeping in touch, if you prefer to be spied on while keeping in touch. Vast numbers are iConnected into their most important relationships.

Cell phones, wi-fi and so on. You can sum it all up.

But what else has the Matrix been pushing in its stubbornness and eagerness?

The cashless society, based on iConnections.

Keeping in touch with government services: iConned!

Radio, TV and further down that road.

Basically everything with a computer chip in it. And everything kinda has.

And they are not telling you that the earth´s natural solar immune system, the magnetosphere is historically weak at the present, they are telling the opposite.

It could be a fair question to raise:

Are they really iConning us here, since the economics and the very principle of the matrix are basically insane? Remember, the matrix makes no sense and is going down the drain anyway. So what’s their back up plan for the iPocalypse? Why are the elites aborting, and in vast numbers buying properties in South America and India?

Where would it leave the “ordinary” citizen? It would leave them disconnected from the source of their survival. No money, No food. Total and utter anarchy.

That would be an iPocalypse on a magnitude scale Hollywood couldn’t match. Or wouldn’t match?

Picture it.

Important alternative information wouldn’t get out and the connections each one has found through the grace of friendship or synchronicity would be cut off.

Is that the plan?

One survival kit would be to have a communication back up plan.

If the sun does was it does best, this should spark off in 2013/14. And we´re seeing it in the making now after a long good sun slumber. The source of life has awoken and is getting ready to rise up.

The problem is that it has been well known for decades and off and on NASA`s site through 2008 – 10. Now it´s there to behold.

It´s not a sun mongering assumption. It´s merely a question of cycles.

And we know that this cycle will come down hard.

Because we depend on iConnections for the first time in modern history.

During the sun storms of ´55 and `56  the taxi drivers in Hamburg Germany got a shocker. On their intercoms they were guided to locations in New York City! In English. The solar rays bent time and space.

Why would The Matrix iCon on this scale?

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”, especially when their control system is obviously breaking up. Do they think they can use this to bring about their agenda..or maybe do it themselves with EMP pulses to make sure?

This would all fit their plan of depopulation and to then rebuild their utopia, the infrastructure of which they’ve already started. Their iCon stuff is no doubt protected, it’s just our stuff that’s gonna get it…then chaos, reset, and NWO!!

Chip included!

Really, boys? Think you’re all that powerful?

Matrix proposes, Universe disposes.

March 22.2012

©2012 Soren Dreier. All rights reserved.


“A space professor from Oxfordshire is battling ‘to save Earth’ from a solar storm that experts fear will wreak worldwide chaos next year.

Professor Mike Hapgood, who chairs the Space Environment Impacts Experts Group (SEIEG) and advises the Government on space weather, says solar storms, generated by an outburst from the sun, are set to knock out national power grids and Global Positioning Systems.

He believes magnetic rays from the storm will result in widespread blackouts which will plunge homes and businesses into darkness.”

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