Lets Fire Up the Planetary Grid

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Author: Chautauqua


Humanity and Earth have recently had the equivalent of the proverbial coming of age transitional birthday, what with the culmination of the Mayan calendar, the great awakening and the Shift of the Ages.

It was a grand event to be sure, and for many of us it seems the celebration continues on as we bear witness to all manner of remarkable events and people.  It has been said that the voice of spirit always whispers…that Spirit will seldom, if ever raise its voice so as to be heard above the noise and clamor of everyday life, with its myriad diversions & distractions.  It’s like that right now, as we must teach ourselves to look beyond the sideshow presented for us, to see what some do not want us to see.

People everywhere are awakening to this new reality all around us even as the death throes of the Kali Yuga seek to command the attention, and sap our willpower.

I speculate that a great many of us are, at this point, wondering where we go from here, what do we do now that we’re here?  I stress doing because it is the first step in breaking free of that which seeks to control & dominate mankind.

We are by no means home free or out of the woods.  We have been learning to reclaim our voice, and to use it, next we must use that voice to reclaim our freedoms, our future, and our planet.  There are of course a great many steps in this on-going process and one of the most important is lighting up the planetary energy grid system.

This webwork of Ley lines and energetic vortices across the planet is vital to the harmony and health of Gaia and all of her passengers.  Where lines connect and intersect across this planetary grid are nodal points where energy can be tapped, and possibly even controlled; and this is why those in power seek to own and control those sites.  Just have a look at the maps and place names in the above link, and see how many of them seem familiar from the news, as well as from recent history.

Actually a great many of these node points have military or government installations built on them, simply because they are power points and energy vortexes, and they are vital to mother Earth.  If you can see the relationship to Earths electromagnetic field as similar to that of the human aura…then in a way these nodal points on the planetary grid can be seen as similar to the human chakra system.

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